How to unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root LG G6

LG G6 is now a half year old and has a great going since its launch, yes, sure it didn’t see the same sales as the Samsung Galaxy S8, but still, the device wash received well and their’s plenty of development available for the flagship LG device. So, if you want to take advantage of the ongoing development on the LG G6, you first need to unlock your Bootloader then install and custom recovery into it.

And in this post, we’ll take you through the complete process of unlocking your bootloader on your LG G6 but make sure you have an unlocked device; this method will only work for the LG G6 US997 unlocked device and also on the European G6 with model number H870. Apart from that this unlocking process will wipe all your data, so make sure you do a complete back-up of your device, to later restore it.

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To begin with, you need to download the following files :

Along with these files, you also need to Sign-up for an LG developer account, which you can find here. This where we’ll be getting the unlock.bin file, to complete the process successfully.

 How to Unlock bootloader of LG G6 (US unlocked/EU variants)

Image Courtesy: gsmarena .com
  1. To begin with, firstly, you need to enable the “USB Debugging” option by going into the developer options. If you don’t see developer options in your settings menu, then go to Settings > About Phone > and then Tap on the Build Number 7 to 8 times, until you see a message declaring you’re now a developer
  2. Also, meanwhile you’re in the developer options, also Enable the OEM unlocking option
  3. Now you should be ready with your ADB fastboot tools downloaded on your PC! Connect your G6 to your PC.
  4. Next, go into your ADB fastboot folder, in there open the adb cmd by simultaneously pressing Shift key + Right Click, this will open up a menu, in that Select Open Command window here.
    Image showing the working of ADB drivers, Image courtesy: clickitornot .com



  5. In that, command window, firstly check if your device is connected or not by typing the following command: adb devices
    You should see the result as a serial number of your device being returned; this means you’re connected and recognized by adb and can proceed further.
  6. After that, type the following command to reboot your G6 into fastboot mode: adb reboot bootloader
  7. Now, to get the unlock string, you need to enter the following command and be ready to login into your LG developer account:fastboot oem device-id
    With this command in, the fastboot will return a unique String, in which you have to remove the blank space and the bootloader text and make it a single length string, without anything in between, as you see below!

    Delete anything(Blank Spaces and the bootloader text) in between the two strings. (Your string will differ from the one given below, do not use the string given below)

    Single length String:



  8. Log-in, to your LG developer account and paste this string as well as your device’s IMEI number in there and hit the Confirmation button. (Do not disconnect your device yet)
  9. Now you’ll get an e-mail on your registered account; this will contain the unlock.bin file, Download it and place it in the ADB fastboot folder.
  10. Great, now you’re just 1 step away from unlocking your bootloader, all you need to do is type the following command:

    fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin


  11. And once this file is added to your device, your device’s bootloader is unlocked! Now just reboot your device by typing the following command:

    fastboot reboot


  12. Congrats, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your LG G6, you’re now ready to get into the world of modding your device as per your choice.


How to Install TWRP recovery on your LG G6

Download the TWRP File from the link given above and also the SU (super-user) file as its needed to get you the root access. Also, make sure you transfer the SU Superuser file to your phone’s internal storage.

  1. Again enable the USB debugging on your LG G6 and connect to your PC and start the adb cmd window
  2. Next, you have to reboot into your bootloader by using ADB command which is adb reboot bootloader
  3. Now you’re inside the bootloader, now its time to flash the custom recovery here, that’s TWRP recovery img.
  4. To flash it type the following ADB command:fastboot flash recovery twrp.imgIf your recovery files name is not twrp or its anything else, use that name only, followed by .img
  5. Great, now you have successfully flashed TWRP custom recovery on your LG G6!

Now we need to Root the device, and this will be the most comfortable part!

How to Root LG G6

  1. To root your device, reboot into your custom recovery by simultaneously holding the Volume Down + Power Key buttons.
  2. Once, you should see the factory reset screen, and to reach the TWRP menu screen, it will ask you somethings the keyboard will pop-up, all you have to Type is==>  Yes 
  3. After that, you will be presented with the TWRP menu screen, in that select the Install option
  4. Then navigate the SU file on your phone’s storage, select it and Swipe to flash it and you’re done!

You have successfully Rooted your LG G6, now head over to XDA forums and search the LG G6 there to unlock the endless customization possibilities on your LG G6.

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