Showbox APK version 5.27 update is available [Download Directly Here]

Showbox is the go-to application for quenching the thirst of watching any movies or TV series.�However, being so familiar over the web, the Showbox team often tends to roll out update everyone once in a while.�Similarly, in this post, we are going to talk about the recent Showbox 5.27 APK update.�Showbox app comes preloaded with a ton of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, apart from streaming movies & TV series. And that can benefit the users while watching any of its content. The latest update weighs around 23MB in size and now available to download directly.

Here are some of the Showbox app key features:

Showbox APK

1. Unlike any other content streaming site such as Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar or Netflix, Showbox doesn’t require any monthly or yearly subscription, as all it’s content are open and 100% free to everyone.

2. Showbox not only streams movies & tv series but it has a catalog of the plethora of full HD content, as a movie buff the picture quality is as significant as watching a movie.

And�keeping that in mind Showbox developer manages to bring contents which are pretty abundant in quality and are also available in any digital format.

3. Showbox doesn’t have any Geo restrictions, which means anybody from anywhere of the world can easily stream any content in Showbox with minimal requirements.�

Now as far as the new updates and Bug fixes are concerned, here are all the details we have for you.

Showbox 5.27 APK Update Changelog

showbox for Android APK


In this update, the irresponsive interface of the Showbox App has been adequately addressed.

The earlier user uses to report that the Showbox app seems to be very unresponsive and moving any of its elements were very difficult. However, the latest Showbox APK 5.27 update for Android took care of all the reported issues.


Earlier Showbox 5.26 update was causing the user a strange issue, which states that placing a floating button in the app itself was a tedious task. However ever since the Showbox Android APK got its 5.27 version update, everything turned out to be stable.

And now in this update, things have become pretty straightforward to place a floating button on the right corner of the screen to resume the last played video.


If you are using Showbox for a quite long time, then you must concur with the fact that Showbox app was creating an unavoidable annoyance with its app loading speed.

And the root cause was due to some back end issues in the developments end.

However, after getting some amount of like light from the user, the issue was taken down by the Showbox developer team in the latest Android update.


According to some users, Showbox 5.26 update was not letting them download a single thing, but with this Showbox APK 5.27 update, this issue has been solved.

  • App language.

�Showbox was confined to manual language selection. But now it is no longer impossible with this Showbox APK 5.27 update.

Showbox 5.27 APK Download

Showbox 5.27 APK update brings a whole host of rich features, bug fixes and performance improvements, which was not found in its predecessor versions, and also helps to enhanced User Experience.�Moreover, you can add subtitles to the videos this time. In case, if you face any difficulty downloading the original version of the app, then head over to the Showbox APK download link.

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