Clash Of Clans update to bring a lot of changes in the Game

Clash of Clans the infamous freemium mobile strategy game developed by SuperCell has been through numerous updates and changes after its inception. However, it’s been quite a high time since they haven’t rolled out any certain updates so far. Though pretty much all the players are busier with events of clan games, over the weekends, and also preparing themselves the Clash of Clans World Championship by ESL that consist of 1 million USD prize pole.

Apparently, reports are suggesting that SuperCell is working on Clash of Clans to roll out a new update, apart from some changes in quality of life improvements which they recently teased in their official blog post. And both the updates will hit in a separate form perhaps in the month of February.

Upcoming Quality of Life Changes Clash of Clans update

As far as the detailed tweaks & changes are concerned, that is expected the next update. Here are some significant insights of them. There will be certain changes in the DPS of Archer Tower, Mortars, Cannons and X-Bows. Where X-Bows & Morters will get increased DPS, on the other hand, Archer Tower and Cannons will get comparatively lower DPS respectively. Apart from that various levels of the game also got multiple changes so far.

It is also expected that tweaks like Traps and Defenses, Magic Items, Clans, Builder Suggestions will be there. Moreover, they�re even asking for feedback from players, so check out the CoC subreddit.

List of improvements in the next update of Clash of Clans.

  • Traps and Defenses � Supercell states that X-Bows, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers reload for free once the user re-login into the game. However, if the user doesn’t re-login into the game, then it’ll not reload automatically, and the user will run out of ammo.
  • The Town Hall or Builder Hall will now incorporate the magic item inventory button, which will help the game interface to look clean, simple & clutter free. And players will also see the inventory in builder base.
  • Now there will be a Delete option for donated troops which can be accessible by Clan leaders & Co-leaders to delete donated troops from the fellow Clan Members War Clan Castles if in case someone has accidentally made any donation.
  • Supercell has worked on the Builder Suggestions to improvise it and make it smarter so that the users can easily scroll through all the possible buildings.

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