Samsung’s ISOCELL camera sensor plans leak

We posted an article about Samsung reviving the ISOCELL image sensor brand. Today a recent presentation reveals more details on how Samsung plans to give the brand a new life.

Talking about the hot cakes, the dual camera setup which more of us be interested in, Samsung plans to come with three different ways to use two sensors simultaneously.

  • Zoom
  • Depth sensing
  • Low Light Shooting

This is going to be the most versatile product of Samsung ISOCELL brand. The company plans to offer help to manufacturers on the basis of camera designs on the sensor, and even on software levels.

The Slimline lineup is going to have a significant advantage, as today figures reveal that the sensor will lend out high-quality images and will be made up on a 28nm node, while mostly the sensor ranges from 55nm to 90nm nodes. Just for comparison, Samsung’s own Galaxy S7 comes with a sensor which uses 65 nm Node.

Samsung also plans to prepare its brand to go even beyond the smartphone industry. Samsung plans to make its sensors available on modern cars, for which the sensors will have to have a high-temperature endurance, and a high dynamic range for an excellent low-light performance.

What do you think about Samsung’s step in the Sensor world, do you think manufacturers will use Samsung’s sensor for their future products, do comment down in the comment section below.

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