Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus gets the latest December Security update

Samsung has earlier started the Android Oreo Beta programme for its flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices and currently the second phase of the process is going on, but in today’s article we are not here to tell you about that old news, recently the Galaxy S8-series devices have received a new update and in case your imagination has started then let me tell you first that it is not an Android Oreo update.

This latest update is currently rolling out in the Korean units of the devices, so let’s check out more about this new update.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Image courtesy: bgr .com

Recently the Korean units of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have received a new Security patch update; we are talking about the December patch here, if you aren’t aware of security update then, in brief, these updates are targeted to fix the security leaks which are present in the device.

The version number of the update for Galaxy S8 smartphone is G950NKSU1AQL3, and for the more prominent S8 Plus, it is G955NKSU1AQL3. It is excellent news for all consumers who own Korean units of the following devices.

As it is a security update, so no new features have been introduced with it, the UI is similar no changes here as well but we will recommend you to install it as the update majorly focuses on the background security issues of your device. This update will soon arrive in the Indian units of the device as well, and if you are looking for the Android Oreo official update, then you may have to wait for a month or longer as recently Samsung has started the phase 2 process of the Beta which means someday soon they will be releasing it.

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