Poco F1 Android Q Update (MIUI 11) confirmed by Poco Head

The real OnePlus killer that’s from the sub-brand of Xiaomi, Poco F1 has now been confirmed to get the latest flavor of Android that’s Android Q 10.0 along with a bunch of fresh additions in the upcoming update. These additions include the much love dark mode which will be supported by the MIUI 11.0.9, along with regular Android Q features baked into MIUI.

You can also see in the tweet below Poco Head Alvin Tse replying to a tweet about the support for dark-mode, to which he replied MIUI 11, which will be based on Android Q 10.0.� Talking about how long is the waiting time for the MIUI 11 update, to which the reply was not too far, means you definitely don’t have to wait by the end of the year.

It should arrive probably within a month or so but shall take another month or more for it to reach every corner of the world. South-east Asia is Poco’s prime market, so expect it to see there first.

The Poco F1 when came out blew away the competition due to it’s mid-tier pricing and flagship level specs, and with this latest Android software update, the device can easily endure another year or two, until it starts showing it’s age; which shouldn’t come too early as the Snapdragon 845 is here on duty.

Apart from that, some of the new features that Android Q offers are as follow, Parental mode to monitor and restrict app usage time for your kids, live captions that too offline for any audio and video, yes the system-wide dark-mode, Android updates directly from the google play store, Digital well-being and smart replies to your priority notification messages and much more.

While the prices of the Poco F1 are going downhill, the Poco F2 could show up really soon, and that too will also get the two major Android updates due to the Android updates via Play store concept, which is still unknown how OEMs will be a part of it.

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