OnePlus Working On A 5G Smartphone For Next Year

OnePlus is a great company when it comes to customer satisfaction. They tend to provide a wide range of accessibility to the customers with latest and greatest offerings at considerable prices. OnePlus 6, their latest offering has gone haywire in the tech industry and is also their most selling smartphone. At MWC Shanghai, the company’s CEO, Pete Lau, confirmed that they are working on a 5G compatible smartphone next year.

Adding to that, he said they would be working on with various carriers in the United States region to provide more compatibility with their smartphone. The Qualcomm’s upcoming chipset which will be acting as the heart of the next generation smartphone. The reason for OnePlus to be working on 5G compatibility.

OnePlus 6

Since Huawei is also working on a 5G smartphone next year, we will see a lot of competitors entering the market bringing their�5G services. Let’s see whose offerings will be the best in the market by next year.

If everything goes well, then this would be an excellent opportunity to attract more consumers. We are hoping that this 5G compatibility works with Indian carriers too if the carrier services agree to advancement. Reliance Jio should no undoubtedly miss this opportunity.

Apart from that, the CEO revealed that they want to sell their smartphones through the carrier services which will be a grabbing opportunity for any company located there. Pete Lau didn’t say any word on if they will be willing to launch their smartphones with one or more services. Anyways, we need to wait till next year to know what it is precisely. Until then, OnePlus is providing exceptional services to their customers. To get to know more news like this, stay connected to The Leaker at any time in future.

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