OnePlus will launch OnePlus 6 in the Early 2018 OnePlus 5T cancelled

OnePlus five is undoubtedly one of the best Flagship handsets available right now but as we all know 2018 is knocking the door, and after some time this flagship will get old as the world of Tech is very fast paced. So what about the next device from the house of OnePlus, some of you might say that the next from OnePlus will be the OnePlus 5T but wait as we have exciting news for you all smartphone lovers out there.

With the launch of OnePlus 5 the company has skipped the 4th�version of the device as in China 4 is considered as an unlucky number but what about now, what will be the name of the next Flagship from OnePlus? As per the latest reports and multiple sources, it looks like OnePlus will not launch� OnePlus 5T or some other variant instead of that they will launch the smartphone in an all-new 6-series.

Oneplus 5 slate gray
Image showing OnePlus 5 in slate gray color
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Which means that the upcoming device will be known as the �OnePlus 6�, currently there are no leaks about the device, but rumors are always there so let�s check out some expected specs of the handset.

As per the latest rumors, it will launch in the early 2018 and will feature the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 845(64 bit) 10nm Processor. Along with that, it will be available in 6GB and 8GB RAM models as the case with OnePlus 5. The ROM capacity for the 6GB RAM variant will be 64GB�s while 8GB RAM version will get 128GB of ROM.

This time it will have a 5.5-5.7(inch) Quad-HD Plus Optic AMOLED Display in 18:9 ratio which is the trend these days. OnePlus 6 may also come with an IP67 certification as it is offered by a majority of smartphones. For further updates stay tuned to us.

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