How to download and install EMUI 9.1 update on your phone

Huawei’s latest offering EMUI 9.1 is now rolling out to several Huawei phones. Some phones are getting the EMUI 9.1 Beta update while some are already getting the stable update. If your Huawei or Honor phone was in the list of phones getting the EMUI 9,1 update, and you haven’t received the update on your device yet, we’ll be helping you to download and install EMUI 9.1 on your phone.

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Before we check how you can download and install EMUI 9.1 on your phone, let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of EMUI 9.1.

EMUI 9.1 Top Features

The EMUI 9.1 is a significant update and is based on Android Pie. It depends heavily on AI (Artifical Intelligence) and comes loaded with AI features to enhance your user experience. Here are some of the top EMUI 9.1 features to look out for.

All New EROFS file system

EMUI 9.1 comes with an all-new EROFS((Extendable Read-Only File System) which improves the read/write speeds by a considerable margin. The new file system makes your phone faster than ever.


With Huawei’s OneHop you can share pictures, videos, and other media between your Huawei phone and PC with just a click.

Huawei voice assistant

EMUI 9.1 comes with a new voice assistant. You can activate the new assistant by holding the power button for 1 second.

GPU Turbo 3.0

EMUI 9.1’s GPU Turbo 3.0 optimizes your phone’s hardware and software to enhance your gaming experience.

Some other EMUI 9.1 features are –

  • Phone Clone
  • AR Measurement
  • One Touch
  • Car key
  • VLOG

Now without any further ado, let’s see how you can download and install EMUI 9.1 on your phone.

How to download and install EMUI 9.1 update

If you’re waiting to get the EMUI 9.1 on your Huawei device, Here is a method which will help you get the latest update right away.


  • Make sure you have HiCare app installed on your device. ( HiCare Download)
  • You need to have a Sim Card in your phone

Download and install EMUI 9.1 update using HiCare

Step 1. Open the HiCare app and Log in.

Step 2. Select your country/region and Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Notice.

Step 3. Go to update section and tap on Request update and then Apply.

Step 4. The HiCare app will now start checking for the new update, Once you get the EMUI 9.1 update, Click on Download and install the update.

Note – You’ll normally get the update on your device within 1-2 hours. If you still don’t get the update, don’t panic, as due to a high number of requests the update is taking some time to reach devices. To speed up the process Goto Settings > Apps > Updater > Storage > Clear data and check for update again.

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