Chrome 75 Improves Dark Mode (Night Mode) and More [APK Download]

If you have been following our site for a quite some time, then you might have seen quite some considerable number of posts regarding the beta versions of the Chrome.� Recently Google had released the v74 of the Chrome Stable, and now we see a new update by Google in the Chrome Beta with version number v75. This update doesn’t bring any new features but upgrades the previously added features. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Upgraded Dark Theme:

Users, we able to use the dark theme in the first version of the Chrome v74 by activating the flag #enable-android-night-mode which showed up a settings menu named Dark Mode, but after the update of the version v75 beta, the flag is under a settings panel named as Theme as you can see in the screenshots. Also, the issue where the text on the tab was written in black titles is now finally white, to match the background.


Upgraded Web Share API 2:

Rolled out in Chrome v61, Web Share API allowed Webpages to share text files and URL’s to other apps, but it had a major problem, it couldn’t share images to other apps directly. But now Web Share API 2 has been rolled out with� Chrome v75 Beta, and this problem has been solved.

Similarly to Web Share API, the apps can make a file (or list of files) to share to other apps. When a share button in the app is clicked the Android auto-share dialog appears, from where the users can share it to other apps. For example, when an image gallery web app is clicked on the share button, it could share an image file to another app.

Other features

As always, Chrome 75 includes changes for both users and developers. Here are some smaller features included in this update:

  • More options for web animations are available to developers, with improvements to the Web Animation API.
  • Synchronous network requests when a page is being closed are now blocked.
  • Web pages can now check if your device supports a given sample size, sample rate, latency, and channel count for audio playback.
  • The new “overscroll” and “scrollend” events allow web pages to determine when content is being over-scrolled, or when scrolling has finished. This can help create batter pull-to-refresh animations, for example.
  • Service Workers now appear in Chrome’s Task Manager.
  • The Web Authentication API now supports PINs for “keys that implement the FIDO CTAP2 protocol.”
  • A new feature is in development for freezing iframes (most embedded ads, videos, etc.) when the user scrolls past them.
  • The canvas.getContext() method now supports a desynchronized hint, which could make web apps that rely on image or video processing a bit quicker.


The APK downloaded is signed by Google and is verified safe to install, if you wish to try it out, you can do so by installing the APK by downloading it from APKMirror else you can also download it by the Google Play Store from the link below.

Download Chrome Beta- v75.0.3770.16

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