GTA 6 – A combination of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas

Rockstar has already started to create some hype about the upcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ a.k.a GTA 6, We had already covered some leaks about the upcoming game, check it out if you are interested. Now there is again a leak about the location of the game. A post was posted on Pastebin on April 21, 2019, and deleted on 30 April 2019, but before the post was removed, the fantastic guys at Dexerto had been able to get their hands on it. According to them. The post was posted from a guest account, and it may be possible that Pastebin itself deleted it. Also, there is a possibility that Rockstar would have taken down the post.

The deleted Pastebin leaker claimed that the GTA VI would only be playable on the upcoming next-gen consoles like the “PlayStation 5” and “Xbox 2″ with the reason being that it old consoles such as PlayStation 4 will have memory restrictions. Supposedly, the upcoming unannounced game will be massive as it will take place between the locations of Liberty City and Vice City as seen on Older GTA games. Also, the post stated that the game would also contain missions in the areas of San Andreas.

The leak mainly claimed that the upcoming GTA VI Game would have a title of, �In the title which will make the players a kind of a drug lord.” According to the leaker, The Story of the game will be starting as you a player in Liberty City functioning odd chores and thefts, murders and through a contact you will be on your way to the Vice City, where you will be joining a very notorious gang. The character will be asked to take care of the business in Liberty City until the time he is brought back to the Vice City and will become the most famous drug lord. Also, It is not confirmed whether Grand Theft Auto VI will exist or not by the developer, but according to a report by PlayStation LifeStyle, a 3D artist who worked with Rockstar Games to make the GTA VI leaked that the game was already in progress. So we hope that the game launches soon.

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