Google Play Store App now supports “Try It” Feature, enjoy without installing

Google often updates the Play Store application to make it free from any malware or sometimes to fix existing issues, but they hardly bring any new feature to the Play store app.

In today�s article, we have a fresh news for you regarding Play Store; the latest report tells us that from now Play Store will offer a new feature called �Try it� and by using it one can experience and app without even installing it, so let�s check out more about it.

Android instant apps
The image is showing information about Instant Apps.
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You people won�t be able to experience every application in this mode as it is still in its developing stage. The concept is from last year but is implemented now. If you are thinking that now you can enjoy games without installing it then you may be wrong as at present there are only few application in which Try it feature can be used. Some apps that support Try it are- Onefootball Live, Red Bull TV, Sky Scanner, NYTimes, etc.

If you want to install any of the app mentioned above, then you can try it before installing with the help of Try it. There is no need to download it as Try it is as fast as loading a web page and is free as well.

Editor�s choice segment has also been updated which gives it a fresh look, the drawback of this new update is that it is not available in all countries, only 17 countries are the eligible for this app. Under Games segment, new �Premium section� has been introduced.Also, Google has recently released the latest 8.3.72 version update for the Play Store, and we have attached the download link down below for the APK file of the� Play Store 8.3.72. For more updates stay tuned.

Download the latest version of Play Store

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