Google Play Store App now shows App size in India (Download)

Google is making Play Store more stable, and also they add those final convenient touches that make life easier while looking for an app. And now one such neat little convenience has been added to the Google Play Store, which now displays the application size on your home screen, even when the app is listed, as per seen in the screen-shot below.

Image shows Google Play Store showing app’s size when listed on home screen, Image Courtesy: theleaker .com

Moreover, it’s also been reported that this change has only been noticed on the Play Store for Indian users, that means that the roll across the globe has not initiated yet, at the time we speak. This move might have been done keeping in mind, in India, the mobile data is still a precious resource and people here, monitor it now and then and use it sparsely. Thus, Google might have deiced to give the sizes next to the app, as the user will come to know, how much data he/she will spend it and or will it consume everything.

With this new addition, it will be much easier for users to know what they download and how much mobile data each app will take to download. So, keeping this in mind, we expect this to roll out to more countries where, mobile data is still expensive not available in abundance at an affordable cost on all networks, like in many developed nations.

However, as the 4G market is growing with the entry of Reliance Jio in India, the internet usage has widespread across the nation and will continue to grow, in the future.


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