GB Whatsapp 6.90 update (Official) to come with an Anti-Ban Feature

Ever since the news of GB Whatsapp users getting banned went live, there has been a sense of panic in the GB Whatsapp community. GB Whatsapp is one of the top-modded Whatsapp clients available for Android and has a user base of millions of daily active users. Last month, many GB Whatsapp and other Modded Whatsapp users started reported that they are getting banned for Validation of Whatsapp’s official terms. At first, it looked like only a few users were getting banned, but, later on, it became apparent that a large portion of Modded Whatsapp users is getting banned, including Whatsapp Aero, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp, FMWhatsapp, and even the least popular OG Whatsapp.

There has been a sense of uncertainty in these past few weeks amongst GB Whatsapp users. While some of them have uninstalled the apps, others are simply afraid of getting banned at any moment. Even the GB WhatsApp update 2019 May didn’t do anything and getting users banned. We had a chat with the team behind the GBWhatsapp to get their take on the ongoing fiasco, and we have some good news for you guys.

The developer team behind GB Whatsapp will soon be releasing an update for the GB Whatsapp app for Android. The latest GBWhatsapp version 6.90 will come with an Anti-Ban feature, which will prevent all GBWhatsapp users from getting banned. We don’t know how this has been made possible, but the developer team has been working hard to find and perfect a workaround for this situation.

The Anti-Ban feature will be rolled out within a few weeks. The developers are perfecting it, and currently, the feature is in the testing stage. We still don’t know the exact reason as to why Whatsapp started banning the users of these mod apps in the first place; there are speculations that it had something to do with Elections in India, but there’s still no concrete evidence of anything.

This news does come as a ray of hope for all the GBWhatsapp users, and we’ll be the first ones to update you regarding the same as soon as we get our hands on more information.

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