How to fix Message Not Sent error on Android Phone

Android one of the most popular mobile operating system running on billion’s of smartphones out there and is overgrowing with each quarter. However, still, as you understand no OS is flawless and has its petty issues, and it is the same fact with Android.

There are a lot of nifty little annoying circumstances that might happen with Android, and some of them are still an issue till this date. And one of them is the unsent message error, hanging in your Notification shade forever, displaying the “Message Not Sent,” prompt and it doesn’t even go away with a swipe. This error is as annoying as those toast messages that get in your way whenever they fail to disappear once their job is done.

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They can be fixed with a reboot, but this unsent message error prompt remains unaffected by a reboot. This irritating bug is more severe than the Volume bar bug from the marshmallow days, which use to stay and doesn’t disappear as long as you touch the display. Nonetheless, in this post, we will take a look at how to handle this “Message not Sent” situation and get rid of these unsent message prompt from the notification bar.

How to get rid of “Message Not Sent” error from your Android’s Notification tray:

Follow these simple, and you will easily and use this same method if it again appears in future.

  1. Firstly, Download the Handcent Next SMS application from the Google Play Store
  2. After Downloading and installing this app, just make it as your default messaging app
  3. Open the app and tap on the three dots at the top corner
  4. A menu will appear, now tap on Delivery report
  5. After that check there if any messages are Undelivered are spotted, (these are the same messages that are in your notification tray) simply Delete them, this will remove them from your notification panel as well.

That’s it; now you know how to get rid of them Message not sent errors, from your Android phone’s notification tray.

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