How to Fix Google Drive “Waiting to Backup” with this simple trick

iOS has been known for its privacy and for being seamless, where the data, passwords, settings, and what not is backed up and restored in a single click using iCloud. Google has also tried to implement such a similar thing on Android with the introduction of Google Drive, while it works well there are certain instances where users face problems that are irritating and annoying, such a similar case is when users face the issue “Waiting to Backup” error. In the article, we will guide you on how to fix this error step by step in a process.

How to Fix Google Drive “Waiting to Backup” Error:

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This backup issue isn’t simple, but we can guarantee if you face this issue and you follow these below-mentioned steps, you will be able to fix this issue and get it back working. This method is based on Dexer125’s process, which, as mentioned on XDA Forums. You will need a PC, your smartphone, a USB cable, and confidence to fix this issue. You won’t require root privilege to fix this issue on your smartphone, having said that let’s get started and fix this issue.

  • Step 1: Enable USB Debugging:

If you have not enabled USB Debugging on your phone, go ahead and enable it from the developer options. To do so, head over to the settings page, search for the About Phone section and Tap on the Build Number 7 times. This will enable Developer Options. Now move back and head over to the developer options and search for USB Debugging and toggle it on.

  • Step 2: Setup ADB on your PC:

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You’ll need to setup ADB drivers on your PC to proceed with, Download either the ADB and Fastboot installation file or the direct Google Binary Files from the link and extract the contents of the file to a new folder using WinRAR. Now open the folder and right-click anywhere in the window while pressing the shift key, now from the drop-down, select the Open Powershell Window here option. Once done, connect your Android phone to your PC, and you are set to go.

  • Step 3: Execute Commands:

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In the PowerShell window, type in the below mentioned commands and hit enter line by line, and If you don’t encounter any errors during this process, your error should be fixed.

  1. adb shell
    bmgr run
    bmgr backup now –all

However, in case you encounter errors on your device, type in the below-mentioned codes and hit enter, this will manually force Google Drive to restart al backups, just make sure that you are still in the adb shell.

2.bmgr backup now AppData
� � �� bmgr backup now –all

This was a quick guide on how to fix the Google Drive “Waiting to Backup” error. If the article helped you fix the issue do, please comment down below and share the articles on your social media handles as well. Stay Tuned to TheLeaker for more such solutions.

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