How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome on Android/Windows

If you open up a lot of websites daily or do a lot of research work on the internet, you would have come across some commonly faced errors, and these errors are hell a lot annoying, and today we are going to help you fix one of the most common errors faced by people which is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. The error states ‘Site not found’ along with the error message of ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and as seen by an average user who doesn’t understand much about the error and the causes, these errors seem like a nightmare. So don’t worry after reading this guide completely we guarantee that you will be able to fix this error.


  • Website Down: The Website you are trying to access could be temporarily/permanently down
  • Blocked in Hosts File: The Website you are trying to access would be blocked in the Hosts File on Windows
  • Blocked by Security Service: The Site could be suspected malicious and could be blocked by your Antivirus Service
  • Proxy Problem: If you are trying to access a site via a proxy, maybe it may have some problems.
  • Problem with Internet Connection: At last, else there might be a problem with your internet connection.

5 Ways to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error on Chrome on Android/Windows:

Method 1: Check if the Website is Down:


This is the most common solution for the users, most of the users don’t check if the website is under maintenance or has some bug and is down for some time, and they often turn out to google but they don’t find any solution as the website is down from the server-side and it is not a fault from the client-side. To check if a website down just visit this website and enter the URL of the page you want to check.

Method 2: Clear Chrome’s Cache:

Clear Google Chrome cache

There are some websites which use cached data to reload previously loaded sites faster, and this often becomes a major issue for the average users, they don’t know about cache and its uses and often tend to waste time without reloading or clearing the cache. To clear your cache on Chrome, head over to History, Clear Browsing Data and choose Cache, this will clear your cache from Chrome Browser, and this may act as a fix for the issue ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Method 3: Disable your anti-virus software temporarily:

Windows Defender

Some anti-virus software such as Quick Heal, Norton and more often tend to block websites marked as spam by users, but actually, they aren’t spamming, they may be some important sites like some news websites and more, The anti-virus software recognizes ads shown on the page as malware and thus blocks them. To disable the anti-virus software which you have downloaded or to disable Windows Defender, head over to its setting page and select ‘Turn off Temporarily.

Method 4: Check your System Hosts File:

System 32 Hosts File

Generally, when we install pirated/cracked software, we allow the pirated software to add a new line to the host’s file to block the website of the application in order to bypass verification. An average user doesn’t get to know much on this and just keeps on trying some methods but always fails, then, at last, he loses hope and re-installs Windows, But we recommend you to check your Hosts file before reinstalling windows.

Path of Hosts File: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts     (Just Enter this in the Run Command Window)

Method 5: Check Your Internet Connection:

If you have tried all the steps above and couldn’t find a solution, we recommend you to first do a speed test on your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, and if the results are negative, then please check your Internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider as soon as possible.


I hope that you would have fixed the issue ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, understood the reasons why this issue may occur. If you face any difficulty, please comment down below we will try to reply soon. Also if you liked this post, please share this post to your friends and stay tuned to

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