How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger in Seconds

Facebook Messenger a popular chatting and sharing platform developed by Facebook is one of the top social media apps used by the people. It has an integration with Facebook which allows Facebook users to chat with each other as well as producers or sellers to sell their products. Facebook has been consistently working on improving user experience and battery life consumption of the Facebook Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android

Its the time now when all the software companies and smartphone companies such as Samsung’s OneUI, OnePlus’s OxygenOS, Youtube and more have started to roll out their dark mode, dark wallpapers, dark theme and more to save battery life on AMOLED Screens. And now users have started demanding other companies as to introduce the dark mode, and it seems that Facebook Messenger has listened to the feedback by the users and started rolling out the dark mode on their apps as the Dark Mode also help in eye strain problems.

Facebook Messengers Dark mode has been on the internet forums since May in the last year. Some users got to experience the dark mode in messengers app in September. Users could get the dark mode unofficially if they had root access, but then some users don’t want to take the risk of voiding their warranty as the rooting process is getting tougher these days. But now one can get the dark mode without granting root access, and it’s quite simple.

Steps to Activate Dark Mode on Messenger:

Step 1: Open Messenger App and choose any contact to message.

Step 2: Open the emoji tab and find the crescent moon emoji (something similar to the image above)

Step 3: Send it to someone and close the app via removing it from the RAM

Step 4: Restart your App and click on your profile photo and now you would see a dark mode option

Step 5: Enable it

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on iOS

It has been proven that this trick works to enable the dark mode on the Messenger app as under the APK Teardown we could find appropriate strings and lines of code in the APK. We have tested this trick, and it works. This trick can be used on Android as well as iOS. Just try it out and lets us know in the comments if it worked.

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