Download OnePlus 5T Stock Wallpapers (Download In High Quality)

OnePlus has recently launched its new flagship device known as the OnePlus 5T. It is a powerful device but in this article, we will not talk about the device itself, mostly all brands have some cool looking stock wallpapers which are not easily accessible on other devices, but still, if we like them we try to find them from any other source.

If you are struggling to get the stock wallpapers of the all-new OnePlus 5T then stop searching as we are providing you the complete set of wallpapers.

Image showing the new OnePlus 5T.
Image courtesy: youtube .com

The biggest factor which differentiates the 5T from the previous OnePlus 5, is without any doubt the screen, the new device has an 18:9 ratio Display as compared to a 16:9 ratio display on the OnePlus 5. It generally means that the display with 18:9 ratio has more space and due to this our traditional 1080p wallpaper appears cropped on every smartphone with 18:9 screen. The wallpapers of 18:9 ratio screen are wider which means that they will not appear fixed on your smartphone�s screen.

Hampus Olsson is the person who has created the wallpapers for the new OnePlus 5T and he has officially released all those wallpapers for download through his own blog from there you can download the wallpapers in 4K as well as in Full HD quality, if you want to download the wallpapers in 18:9 aspect then we have provided an active link below, and if you want the wallpapers in other aspects then another link is present there too for downloads in other resolution.

Download OnePlus 5T Wallpapers

Download Wallpapers in other resolutions

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