Best Wallpapers for Infinity/Bezel-Less(18:9) Phones (Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Etc)

In 2017 we all are witnessing a new design for smartphones, the Bezel-less are now becoming common, if we compare the current market situation to 2016, there were hardly any devices that came with a Bezel-less screen. Along with being bezel-less smartphone screens are becoming way more modern by adopting 18:9 ratio formula. The regular smartphones like Galaxy S7, OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi6, etc. all come with traditional 16:9 ratio Displays but now new smartphones like LG G6, LG V30, Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note8, Micromax Infinity, etc. are following the 18:9 trend.

Best free Wallpapers
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18:9 ratio means more screen coverage and fewer body bezels/frame, it is somewhere good as devices look fresh and futuristic. For users it is helpful as they will be getting a larger display in a small sized device, they can enjoy multimedia better. But they are more prone to damage as when a device falls the screen can easily break. Now if I talk about wallpapers then they are essential as somewhere they keep us refreshed, personally whenever I get bored of my device I change its�Wallpaper weekly and probably it will also solve the same problem in your case.

Earlier for 16:9 ratio display wallpapers were easily available but as the screen ratio change those traditional wallpapers look cropped, and it creates a kind of chaos, as finding wallpapers for an 18:9 ratio screen is not an easy task.

So for your ease. We are providing some high quality 18:9 wallpapers that will perfectly suit your device and guess what? They are FREE to download. Download links are provided below; you can simply download the backgrounds you like.

Download Collection 1

Download Collection 2

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