Google’s new data manager, Datally claims to save upto 30% more data

It looks like Google is on a spree of making utility apps this year. First, it launched the Google Tez,�YouTube Go, next was�Google Files Go, and now we have another app from the tech-giant and this time what we have here is another utility app to manage your data. The UI here is very minimalistic, and as you know Google’s material design is here, and nothing gets in your way.

Moreover, Google promises that with the help of this app you’ll be able to save more than 30% data with its smart tricks, the app showcases your stats in a very intuitive to use and readable way. It shows you the real-time usage of data on a weekly, daily and also on a monthly basis in the data highlights section. You can not only have control of your standard data toggles, but you can also toggle data for every app, to prevent any app from using background data.

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Along with that the app also shows you what app used how much data and this feature is also available via a notification pop to let you know about the data consumption on the spot. Interestingly, Google also includes a built-in data saver within this app, and it was expected, this works by looking around for any open WiFi networks and connecting to them to get you internet access.

After using such open networks, it allows you even to rate it, which is helpful for other users. The WiFi finder tool also�gives you details about the strength and on how much distance is the WiFi available near you. Overall, it’s a nice little app, which will help you manage data without heading deep down in your Android data settings, everything here is just a single tap away, which is why you should download this app, from the link below.

Datally: data saving app by Google
Datally: data saving app by Google

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