Clash Royale May 6th Balance Update live with major changes

Clash Royale is one of the most played smartphone games across platforms. The game has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store alone and is played by millions daily. One of the main reason for it being so popular even after so many years of its release is due to the amazing developers behind the game. Clash Royale gets updates with new features and exciting new events almost every month to make it fun for the players.

Clash Royale has received another update. The game is now getting the May 6th Balance update, and it brings a lot of changes to the game. Here’s everything new in the latest Clash Royale update.


Projectile Speed of the Princess is increased by 33% (from 450 to 600). The Princess will now be able to climb back in the win rate charts since her arrows will now hit the Troops a lot faster.


Bomber�s Hitpoints are increased by 28% (from 147 to 188). The bomber will now be able to take one more shot from the Tower or even a blast from the Musketeers before dying.

Dark Prince

Dark Prince’s range is increased by 20% (from 1050 to 1250). The Area Damage Radius is also boosted by 25% (from 1000 to 1250). The Dark Prince will no longer struggle against the swarm Troops now.

Three Musketeers

The Elixir has been reverted to 9 from 10, but the Deploy Time is increased from 1sec to 3sec.

Goblin Barrel

The Deploy Time of the Goblin Barrel is reduced to 1.1s making them more reliable.

Wall Breakers

The ranger is increased by 100% (from 250 to 500) making them more offensive.

The update will be released on both iOS and Android shortly.

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