Cartoon HD APK Download v3.0.3 Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

You would be probably knowing about a fantastic app which can stream movies and TV Shows for free, named as Showbox APK, OLATV, AOS TV, and for IPL the ThopTV. Many users had become a fan of such APK’s that they demanded us to bring more such APK’s for the people, and we are here to bring you some more Live TV and Movies Streaming APK’s. So here we present you the all-new Cartoon HD APK, Cartoon HD APK is used to watch Cartoons, Live TV Shows and more. Today we will be providing you all the features, how to guide, APK download links, installation guide, faq’s and more, so stay tuned for it.

Cartoon HD App Features:

  • Watch Latest Movies:

If you are a movie lover like me, you will definitely find this app very useful, as this app saves your money on movie tickets, instead, you can watch all the latest movies on the app for free in high quality, the app has category filters which can be used to sort movies based on year, category and more.

  • Watch Latest TV Shows/ Cartoon:

If you are a kid or even an adult and love to watch cartoons or old and new TV Shows, this app might seem very useful to you, with Cartoon HD APK, you can stream all the latest and even old TV Shows, Cartoons for free in very high quality.

  • Download and Watch Offline:

If you travel a lot and don’t have an internet connection while traveling, you can use Cartoon HD APK to download content and watch offline. While most of the Online Live Streaming Apps do not allow users to download their content for offline viewing, cartoon HD is not one of them.

  • Subtitles Support:

Subtitles is one of the most demanding features of Online Streaming Apps, as they do not allow users to play videos with subtitles support, this is my favorite feature of the app and the main reason why I use the app often.� It supports Subtitles in various formats and is a convenient feature.

  • Kids Mode:

Ever in a situation where you want to hand over your phone to kids for some time, Yeah with Kids Mode, you can protect the children from watching Adult Movies, TV Shows and more Rated A+. The Kids mode can be activated by going into settings and setting the duration as well.

  • Free to Use:

While some apps such as Area 51: IPTV cost you some money to stream your favorite movies, Cartoon HD is not one of them, Cartoon HD is completely free to use and is continuously updated, this means that you will not face many bugs and new features will be added often.

Download Cartoon HD APK:

Cartoon HD APK v3.0.3

Install Cartoon HD APK on Android:

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Cartoon HD APK from the above download links.

Step 2: Open your downloads folder and find the downloaded APK File, if this is the first time you are installing an APK manually, you will need to enable unknown sources option, to do so, click on settings in the pop-up and toggle the Unknown Sources Option.

Step 3: Open the downloaded APK and click on Install, this will install Cartoon HD APK on your phone.

Step 4: Follow the steps mentioned above and use the Cartoon HD APK.

How to Use Cartoon HD App:

Once you have installed this APK, open the Cartoon HD APK and on the home screen, you will see the list of all the latest movies and if you want to see one of them click on it, and head over to the Videos Tab and select one of the servers and click on Download or Play according to you, and it will start playing or downloading the movie of your choice. If you wish to see TV Shows, click on the side navigation bar and choose TV Shows and select one f your choice and follow the same steps as on Movies. If you want to enable the Kids Mode, head over to the settings menu and click on Kids Mode.


  • Does this require Root Access?

No, Cartoon HD APK is specially designed such that it doesn’t require Root Access for streaming content; this is a fantastic thing developed by the developers.

  • Can this app play videos in 1080p?

Yeah, this app supports video playback in various resolutions such as 480p, 720p, and even 1080p, depending upon your Internet connection, not all the content is available in 1080p.

  • Does this app cost money?

As mentioned earlier, this app doesn’t cost even a penny to the users and earns revenue by showing minimal ads to the users. We like the app so much due to this reason.

  • Is this safe for our privacy?

Yeah, it’s completely safe, as while installing the APK, the app doesn’t even require single permission unless you want to download any videos, if you choose to download videos, the app requires storage permissions which is quite often asked by all apps.

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