Best Samsung Galaxy On NXT Accessories (Cases, Screen protectors and More)

Samsung earlier launched its mid-range metal body handset known as the Galaxy On Nxt, and when it was launched, it was among the few handsets from Samsung that has a Uni-body design. Still, it packs enough power to satisfy any user�s need, and it is easily available through major online platforms but because of other brands like Xiaomi which is offering devices like Mi A1 in this budget.

Anyway, this article is for the users who own Galaxy On Nxt smartphone or are planning to buy it, as in this article we will tell you about the best accessories available for this device. Whatever device you purchase whether it is an iPhone or an Android we buy a case and a Screen guard to protect it from accidental drops. With so many options available online, choosing the correct case or any other accessories can be a tiring task, so to solve this problem let�s check out the best accessories for Galaxy On Nxt.

Galaxy On Nxt
Image of the Samsung Galaxy On Nxt.
Image courtesy: bgr .in

Flipkart Smartbuy case for Galaxy On NXT

Best cover for Galaxy On Nxt- Flipkart smartbuy case
Flipkart smartbuy case for Galaxy On NXT.
Image courtesy: Flipkart .com

We have picked this case for the device as it satisfies multiple needs. Firstly it costs only 269 Rs which is comparatively cheaper but still, there is no compromise in the quality. It has a cross type texture in the rear which offers proper grip and protects the phone from daily wear and tear. It is made up of an elastic material and is not a hard case.

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  • Raised lips for screen protection.
  • Scratch-resistant rubber coating.
  • Highly elastic.
  • Low price.


  • No known con yet.

Buy Flipkart Smartbuy Case

Spigen Rugged armor case

Best cover for Galaxy On Nxt-Spigen case
Spigen case for the Galaxy On NXT.
Image courtesy:

Spigen is always known for its robust quality cases, and this case is the most prominent example of their quality. It focuses more on protection and still is thin enough to look attractive, it doesn�t feel bulky but protects the device from anything though for the front you must have a screen guard applied. It is made of elastic material, so it will not break like other hard cases. It is a bit expensive at 899 Rs.


  • Offers excellent Carbon Fibre texture.
  • Air cushion technology for shock absorption.
  • Tactile space for buttons.
  • Raised lips for screen protection.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • It is not compatible with the Galaxy J7 device as the speaker cutout is not present.

Buy Spigen Case for Galaxy On NXT

Johra Silicone case for Galaxy On NXT


Best cover for Galaxy On Nxt-transparent silicon case
The transparent case for galaxy on nxt.
Image courtesy: amazon .in

It is the only transparent TPU case in this list, it is targeted to the users who prefer using transparent case over the colored one as it generally hides the design of the phone. This type of cases are very cheap and are available for almost every device. It is highly flexible so no worries at all as it will not break like a hard case.


  • Cheap Price.
  • Made up of elastic TPU material.
  • Precision cut design.
  • Lightweight.


  • It attracts dust and turns yellow after a month of usage.

Buy Johra Transparent Case

Chevron Hybrid armor case for Galaxy On NXT

Best cover for Galaxy On Nxt-Armor case
Armor case for the Galaxy On nxt.
Image courtesy: Amazon. in

It is a typical armor case and is for the users who want a proper solution for smartphone protection. This case can easily make your device survive even after suffering from multiple drops. It is made up of hard rubber material and may appear bulky to some users. If you are looking for a case with a point of view of protection, then you can buy it for 399 Rs.


  • Military grade materials used.
  • This case is shockproof and can easily protect your device.
  • Dual layer concept used for durability.


  • Feels bulky at times.
  • Finishing and cutouts are not accurate.

Buy Chevron Case

Dainty Tempered Glass

Best screen guard for Galaxy On Nxt-Dainty Screen protector
Dainty screen guard for the Galaxy on nxt.
Image courtesy: flipkart .com


It is one of the toughest and best Screen protector available for the On NXT in the market. It covers the full front of the phone, unlike those cheap protectors which don�t even fit the smartphone. It is available in gold color and is air bubble free which means is easy to apply. It will cost you 422 Rs.


  • Comes with a toughness of 9H.
  • Anti-fingerprint.
  • Scratch resistant.


  • Slightly overpriced.

Buy Dainty Screen Guard

Boat Bassheads 225

Best Earphone for Galaxy On Nxt- Boat 225 earphones
Image of Boat bassheads 225 earphones.
Image courtesy: gift ease .com

These are one of the best earphones available under 1000 for the Galaxy On NXT, and their biggest U.S.P is that they are very cheap regarding pricing but offers good quality of sound. If you are a Bass lover and looking for good earphones for your Galaxy On NXT then without a doubt go for them, the cost 549 Rs and is easily available on major online platforms.


  • 10mm drivers deliver amazing clarity and deep bass.
  • Tangle-free cable.
  • Made of Metal.
  • Passive noise cancellation.


  • Not made for fitness freaks as it is not splash proof.
  • They are a bit heavy due to which they pop out of ears.

Buy Boat Bassheads 225

TheGiftkart Ultra Premium Screen guard

Best tempered glass for Galaxy On Nxt
Image of the tempered screen guard.
Image courtesy: amazon .in

It is a bit costly as compared to other offerings but it a premium product and comes with a perfect fit. The company ensures that the screen guard will not decrease the quality of screen as it is 100% transparent. It has 2.5D curved edges which look cool. You can buy it for 499 Rs.


  • 9H hardness and Nanocure technology protect the phone from getting scratches.
  • Precision cuts for sensors and cameras.


  • Overpriced.

Buy TheGiftKart Screen Guard

Samsung EVO Plus Grade 1 32GB SD-card

Best memory card for Galaxy On Nxt-samsung evo sd card
Image of a 32GB SD card.
Image courtesy: amazon .in

It is one of the best deal available as generally you won�t get a 32GB memory card for a price of 743 Rs. It is a Class 10 memory card which means you will experience transfer speeds up to 95Mbps. Additionally, it comes with an adapter and on sale, you can grab for around 650 Rs.


  • Class 10 SD-card gives fast transfer speeds.
  • Comes with Adapter.


  • No known con yet.

Buy 32GB SD-card

This is our list of best accessories you can but for your Samsung Galaxy On NXT, this list includes products for all kind of consumers, if you find it helpful then stay tuned for further updates.

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