Android Pie 9.0 High Resolution HD Stock Wallpapers (Download)

Android Pie 9.0 is now official and with it the, there comes a ton of new features such as the newly revamped navigation system which is now gesture-based, along with a more minimalist user interface. Apart from that, the user interface is now available in the form of various launchers which can be found on the Google Play Store. However, what you won’t find there are the Latest Stock Android Pie wallpapers, which will spice up your home screen to the latest trend.

In here you will find the link to download the latest Android P 9.0 wallpapers. A total of 18 high-resolution wallpapers are present here. And all of them are suitable for 16:9, 18:9 and 19:9 aspect ratios, so no matter what smartphone screen size you have, these will do the job just fine.

Android Pie 9.0

Android P 9.0 has been out for a month now, and only�a�couple of devices have been able to enjoy it for now, such as the Pixel devices and the Essential phone. Other devices such as the OnePlus 6 have just received a beta invite, while Other OEMs have just announced their list of devices that might get the Android Pie 9.0 Update. The latest version of Android will be released for a lot of devices, but it will be months till you get the update on your smartphone. Till then you can rock these wallpapers and the Android Pie launcher from the play store to catch up to the new trend.

For more coverage on Android Pie, such as new devices getting Android Pie custom ROMS, stay tuned for further updates.

Download Latest Android Pie 9.0 Stock Wallpapers

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