YouTube TV update brings refreshed UI and Progressive fast forward

YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service from Google’s YouTube. The company is taking a dig in other businesses like YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Red, and YouTube Premium. All these services work on a subscription system. YouTube TV supports 70+ channels of sports, news, and entertainment, etc. YouTube TV gives you unlimited cloud storage to DVR your content, and 6 accounts can be binned on a single subscription. The service is available in the United States nationwide and might expand its exposure later. YouTube TV costs $49.99/month.

Recently, the company hiked the price of YouTube TV. This led to a certain change in the user count since the past few weeks, but the existing users are now receiving the perks for their price. All the YouTube TV platforms are currently getting a major update which brings in a new user interface to the Now Playing UI. It makes the user experience more intuitive, brings up more convenience to the user to see the details of the now playing content. It also makes navigation through recordings better.

Though the best improvement this update has brought is the progressive fast forward update, it means that the fast forward will react to the duration of holding the button. The longer you hold the button, the faster the video will be forwarded. It starts from 15 seconds then 30 and then goes to 1 minute. The playback thumbnail is now larger. The User Interface is more intuitive and clean, and it is indeed much better. While forwarding and rewinding, only the seek bar and program info is displayed. Other contents can be accessed under tabs with the remote.

The update is rolling out according to the device compatibility. Google has already rolled out the update to 50% users. If you’re still waiting then try logging in again, if that doesn’t work, then you will receive the update soon enough. Let us know if you like the new update or not. Also, let us know if you want to switch to YouTube TV and if you want the service to be available in your region.

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