YO Whatsapp 2019 June Update, Download 7.99 Anti Ban APK

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded social messaging application around the world. If you have an android device and you’re bored of your usual WhatsApp appearance, then you have the ability to customize and transform your WhatsApp completely. YO Whatsapp or YOWA is one of the coolest WhatsApp mod for android. There are many mods of the WhatsApp, but there are certain WhatsApp mods which are efficient, and YO WhatsApp is one of them. The developers behind this mod are very dedicated and active towards the feedbacks and to provide updates.

Recently YO Whatsapp users got banned by the official WhatsApp team, but finally, YO Whatsapp Team has released the Anti-Ban update of their mod. YO Whatsapp version 7.99 (YO Whatsapp update 2019 June) is the Anti-Ban version of the mod, if your account was banned then take backup and uninstall GB Whatsapp. Then install and restore backups. Your account will not be going to get banned again. You can use this mod without rooting your device.

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YOWhatsapp Update 2019 June Anti Ban APK v7.99 changelog

If you want to customize your WhatsApp completely, if you are tired of people approaching you by seeing you online, if you’re going to see what people have recalled and if you’re going to be disguised and see the stories and read received texts over WhatsApp, then YO Whatsapp has got your back. YO Whatsapp is a powerful mod for official WhatsApp. The users were recently got banned, and they couldn’t use the mod. This new update brings back the mod as it is the Anti Ban version of the mod. Here is the changelog:

� [Added] More Anti-BAN.
� [Fixed] Not enough space message
� [Fixed] Recording Crash
� [Fixed] com.yowa cannot add custom stickers
� [Fixed] Deleted message icon not showing
� [Fixed] White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call
� [Fixed] Google Play Service error message on registration

NOTE: If you have been banned before, Take the backup of your chats, Uninstall YO Whatsapp first, install YO Whatsapp Version 7.99 and verify your phone number again.

YO WhatsApp Version 7.99 Update APK Download

Package: com.yowa.

Download With Emoji Changer/Variants

Download Without Emoji Changer/Variants


Download With Emoji Changer/Variants

Download Without Emoji Changer/Variants


Download With Emoji Changer/Variants

Download Without Emoji Changer/Variants

Step 1. Download the suitable YO Whatsapp update 7.99 APK file from the above-given links (It is entirely safe to download and install it from the links above, and it is free of any malware or spyware)

Step 2. Go to your File Manager app and open the downloaded YO Whatsapp APK.

unknown source tickbox on Android

Step 3. Enable installation from Unknown Sources if you are installing an APK for the first time.

Step 4. The app will now start installing, once it is done, verify your personal Whatsapp number.

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