Xposed module now available for Android Oreo 8.0 (APK Download)

Finally, we have the functional version of the Xposed module for the newest flavor of Android, that’s Android Oreo, thus ending the month long wait. Moreover, just remember that this is still in beta stage, so there’s a good possibility that you may find some bugs here and there, some functions may work while others won’t.

Furthermore, you can install this Xposed on any device running Android Oreo officially or else any other custom ROM based on Android Oreo, looking at you OnePlus users. And all the modules that run with Xposed should also work with them. There will be some new modules that may crash or not work at all, and the cause�of them is still under investigation and will be fixed in the future. However, the developers who got this to work, claimed that it is fine for day to day usage.

Xposed framework
Image Courtesy: GoGadgetX. com

Moreover, there hasn’t been any significant bug reported yet and most modules should work without any issues, it was tested on Google Pixel 2. If you aren’t aware of the groundbreaking Xposed Framework, then you’re missing on a meaningful customization opportunity. The Xposed framework lets you installed various modules which enhance capabilities of your Android Phone. Want to changes your Notification bars functions and theme, you don’t need to install a separate custom ROM to get that functionality.

All you have to do install that particular Xposed Module and get it. It’s like Google’s/Motorola’s Project Ara, but on the deep Software level, within your Android OS.

Source: Download Xposed

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