WhatsApp latest update hints to support Instagram like stickers soon

Facebook�s WhatsApp is on a roll in releasing & inheriting new features from its rivals. For instance features like the new WhatsApp 24hrs status feature. And now we have got a new update on the App Store which brings in the version number as 2.17.50. Bringing in a lot of new changes & bug fixes as per the change logs but there’s much more than that in this particular update.

whatsapp latest update changelog
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Speaking of the new features, well the latest addition is the Stickers which are similar to Instagram’s stickers, and some of which are very similar to Instagram�s stories stickers no surprise here as both are owned by Facebook.

whatsapp stickers
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Moreover, you can apply these cool stickers on almost any media. For instance, you will able to use them on pictures, videos, GIFS which you sent in personal as well as in group chats. Besides that, we also have pinned chat, which works when�a chat is pinned, you can now see a pinned icon on the profile picture of the contact, in the WhatsApp widget on your screen.

Other miscellaneous features include:

  • You can now save a�WhatsApp Album�in your Camera Roll.
  • If you try to save a�WhatsApp Album�that you already saved before, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to save it again.
  • Default WhatsApp Wallpapers are no longer saved in WhatsApp but the�Facebook servers.
  • To set a WhatsApp wallpaper, it�s necessary to have an active Internet Connection. This feature is to save space on your device.
  • Improvements to star/unstar a media contained in a WhatsApp Album in your gallery.

The update seems to be exclusive to iOS as of now will be enabled automatically, and However, you will need to update your Android app once it is available on Android.

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