Exclusive: WhatsApp is preparing a separate Android app for businesses

WhatsApp with its more than Billion users in over 180 countries, will now not only be limited to regular consumers. Because many new reports discovered online to point out that, soon WhatsApp will start its separate WhatsApp for Business Support facility, which would allow major businesses to communicate with its verified customers/clients via this custom WhatsApp.

To further support this claim, some screenshots have been spotted online conveying that an account can be registered for Business and you can identify such accounts as you’ll find a green ticked badge next to a contact name, suggesting that it belongs to a verified business account.

Courtesy: Theleaker.com

The WhatsApp Business account can be registered as well as unregistered as you can see in previous screenshots. Interestingly, when you start a conversation with a WhatsApp Business contact, your chats will appear in yellow. And these messages in yellow with the Business account cannot be deleted manually according to a new WhatsApp FAQ support page. Besides that a Facebook career page also shows WhatsApp for business, thus further confirming the fact. Here is the Facebook job listening


  • Become an expert in the WhatsApp Business app for Android and a source of information to the Market team members.
  • Investigate, triage, and report issues with WhatsApp Business app on Android phones.
  • Monitor and analyze users’ reviews on the Google Play Store for bug-related trends.
  • Separate platform issues from bugs, advise the SMB operation team on how to follow up on bug reports from users.
  • Partner with the developers’ team to drive up the WhatsApp Business app quality and an understanding of its usage.
  • Deep dive on specific Android user pain points, gather supporting data and lead efforts for a better user experience.
  • Continually evaluate the organization of your workflow to find bugs faster and improve the efficiency of how we handle existing issues.
  • Update and evolve product documentation.
Whatsapp for business Facebook career page
Courtesy: TheLeaker.com

With that said, many Business customers care’s are communicating with emails, twitters, and Facebook pages. But now as WhatsApp is an already established messenger with a massive user-base could simply make it more convenient for the customers and take it to the next level.

This new WhatsApp will be first arriving on the Android platform, due to its larger share of the market compared to iOS. And also because not everyone has a deep pocket to hold on to Cupertino’s expensive devices. However, It will soon expand to the iOS ecosystem as well.

This will be a new revolutionary concept from the digital communication-giant. And this will benefit the consumers at the end of the day.

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