Whatsapp beta version brings Shake to Report, new Admin settings and much more

Whatsapp has been beta testing some new features and might soon start a roll-out of the same, and this time there are some quite interesting features. Starting with the first one, which comes for groups, in here WhatsApp�has added voice and video calls support, and you can see in the image below, there are voice and video calling icons in the live locations shared in the group.

Another new feature comes as Admin Settings, which includes two options, that is, send a message and edit group info, these will be available only for admins. This will allow the admin to control who can send messages and this setting can be changed once after 72 hours.

Image Courtesy: wabetainfo. com

Next up, is Shake to Report, this will allow the user to report any bug in WhatsApp within a chat or any of its functionalities, this Shake action will trigger the Contact Us section, where you’ll be able to log the seen bugs. This feature is currently limited to the beta version only and might take some more time than others to reach the final build. As the fine-tuning of the shake is vital or else this might annoyingly trigger everywhere with a little shake of the device.

Lastly, there’s also a single Tap to Unblock a user, which was previously banned, from the group, all these features are available in the beta. However, you won’t find all of them working right away in the beta version. And even when the final build comes out, there’s a chance that all of them won’t make it to the final version.

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