Twitter’s Popular articles feature rolls out in its latest update(APK Download)

Twitter popular article update
Image Courtesy: droidlife .com

Twitter’s always trying to bring the latest updates and happenings around the world for its user’s, continuing the same we now have popular articles stories which are the most happening and shared in your region by the people you follow. Helping you to filter out unnecessary new and making way for what’s popular, similar to what Nuzzel does; and it was a huge success considering its just an add-on.

The company also commented on it by conveying “The Popular Articles feature is exactly what it sounds like — a list of stories that people you follow on Twitter are currently tweeting about, or otherwise engaging with. It also shows links to articles popular in your particular location …” in an interaction with Buzzfeed.

Moreover, with the new feature, popular articles can be discovered in the search tab alongside the today’s trending happenings and moments. And you, don’t stop there, you need to scroll down furthermore past the general news till you see the links tweeted by the people you follow. As well as what comments they have added to the topic.

So, this isn’t as intuitive compared what nuzzle is capable of. However, as the Social-giant said, they’re still experimenting on delivering more trendy news to your feed as well as the hot stories followed by your fellow followers. But it will be a great addition because that’s entirely integrated into the Twitter app itself, rather than looking back and forth on another page.

Furthermore, its available for both Android and iOS platforms. Here’s the Download link for Android Twitter.APK .


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