Top 5 Trading Apps In the UK for Android and iOS

A trading app is an app that supports day-trading, forex, and asset classes. Since the financial market is very complex, many traders have found it difficult to run a proper trading strategy or invest in the right asset class.

Trading apps simplify the process of using data on day-trading as well as foreign currency trading. You can research the market, pick your asset classes, and find traders with a similar investment philosophy on

When you select your trading plan, you get a complete history of every trade you make and all the trades that went bad for you. You can also find the price of the asset class you want to invest in on the mobile app.

There are many different UK trading apps for the Android and the IOS platforms, but these are the best top five stock trading apps in the UK with the best reviews.

1. Robinhood

Robinhood doesn�t mess around. The app doesn�t push in marketing from the outset. Rather, it waits until you download the software and then asks you to add some money so that you can trade stocks. There�s no monthly subscription or load of additional software. You only need a Google or Apple account.

All you need is a credit or debit card and $0.25 for the first month. After that, the base cost of trading stocks is about 0.99 % per trade. That means if you buy 1,000 shares of a company, you are paying 0.10p per share. By contrast, the stock market average is 1.3%.

Keep in mind that at the time of writing, the share price is 0.65, and there are about two weeks left to accumulate. But if you can pick stocks at that price, it could make for a great gamble.

2. ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets is a well-known Android and iOS app with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. The platform allows you to pick stocks from the UK, US, Australia, or Europe and make trades with just a few clicks.

For investors with a more advanced portfolio, you can also opt for individual stock analysis and risk management to understand your position and risks.

ThinkMarkets is among the Top 5 trading apps in the UK, offering a collection of the market�s top stocks and a framework for easy trading.

Start trading with one click or invest by navigating through more than 3000 market categories. The app helps you automatically calculate the optimal place to enter each segment, starting from choosing the shares that will affect your profits the most.

3. IG

After trading for over 12 years, IG Group, one of the most popular UK brokers, has invested in machine learning and started integrating Artificial Intelligence into their services. It means that their algorithms predict what other traders will do before they do it themselves, making it easier for retail traders to make successful moves on the markets.

They offer their clients an easy-to-use trading interface, supported by a sophisticated set of algorithms and forecasting tools to beat their rivals in the most lucrative market sectors. And their pre-and post-trade transparency means that they are easily accessible to regulators and financial regulators.

4. Zulu Trade Mobile

Coming in at 4th position in Top 5 Trading Apps for Android and iOS,��ZuluTrade is a UK-based trading app founded in 2011. It has an unrivaled user base of over 750,000 users and 9500 traders.

ZuluTrade has a functional UI that eliminates the complicated interface, giving you easy access to the many features offered. ZuluTrade also lets its users play with features like buy stop/losses and real-time price feeds.

Their trading platform supports an extensive range of securities, including both stocks and ETFs. You can trade across numerous ETPs such as S&P500, NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones, Gold, S&P 2x, and more.

Plus, there are specialized tools such as sell drop protection and zero broker support to ease your trading experience. You can visit their website for more details on the pricing and download the app.

5. Freetrade

Freetrade has one of the most intuitive user interfaces (UIs) on the market. You don�t need to spend hours sifting through different stock quotes to make up your mind. In just a few clicks, you can trade in real-time with multiple quotes, handles, and support options to help you make informed trading decisions.

You can even create your functions, so you can write code to automatically buy or sell stocks. Popular currencies such as the US dollar and the British pound are now supported.

With its powerful in-built filters, intuitive interface, live charting and charting services, and a wide range of options that allow traders to customize their trading experience, it�s not hard to see why the app is so popular among those with serious money to invest.

The app isn�t just for professional traders either, as its accessible trading tools help retail traders quickly understand the different strategies and techniques used by the pros.

If you are looking to trade on the go, this is the list of apps that might get you started on a strong foot.

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