Ethereum All You Need To Know And Ethereum Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum: If you have been recently active on the internet there are a very high number of chances that you must have come across the term “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum,” you might have also heard stories of people becoming millionaires by buying and selling bitcoins.

But the real question is What is Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is the Money of Internet, or in more technical terms it is a Crypto-Currency and Payment gateway.

But today we won’t be discussing the Bitcoin, but instead of an another rising Crypto Currency named as Ethereum.

Ethereum Crypto-Currency
Logo of Ethereum Crypto-Currency

Ethereum has been making a lot of hype recently it is a lot similar to Bitcoin in many aspects, but still, it has a lot of other applications and features which make it an attractive investment�option.

What Is Ethereum?

Etherum was launched in the year 2015, and the currency is known as Ether. Ethereum is a lot similar like Bitcoin, for ex you can buy it and use it for buying goods over the internet, or you can simply buy it and store it in your Blockchain Wallet( Wallet to store bitcoins) and later sell it for profits.

Ethereum offers everything which the Bitcoin offers but what gives it edge over the Bitcoin is that it has several other features such as

  • Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Immune to Hacking Attacks such as DDoS

In simple terms, Ethereum can be described as a massive supercomputer which is composed of several computers around the world, and you can access this computer to run any program you want by off course�using its currency Ether.

How to Buy Ethereum in India?

How to Buy Ethereum in India

Etherum is an excellent investment option as it has risen almost 2000% percent from the time it was launched, while the Bitcoin has become expensive to invest in the current scenario, Ethereum can be a good investment choice if you are looking for a Mid-term investment with good profits.

Ethereum can be easily traded in India now as there are several wallet services which offer this functionality where you can easily buy and sell using your Credit/Debit Card.

The top website offers the best trade rates and also wallet service for Ether have been mentioned below.

  • ETHEXIndia -�ETHEXIndia is the best way to buy and sell Ether in India, the website offer services such as Wallet, Ether Trade, Live Chart, Referrals, Customer Support, etc.

When you visit their website you will be greeted by their homepage mentioning everything and need to know such as the current price and several other details; you can also contact their customer support for any questions related to Ethereum and EthexIndia.

How to Buy Ethereum

You can check the current trading price by selecting the Live�Chart option.

Ethereum price

Note – Prices are available in INR only.

To start buying and selling you would first need to enter your details and verify your phone number and email id which you entered while signing up.

Once you confirm your Email Id, you will receive�an email with your login details such as your client id but to start trading. You would also need to verify your KYC documents (Address proof, PAN Card, etc.

Once you verify your KYC documents you can immediately start buying and selling without any hassle.

Ethereum future price

ETHEXIndia is the best option if you want to buy Ethereum in India.

How much should you buy?

Ethereum has a lot of capability as a cryptocurrency and in future, it may pass Bitcoin as well, if you are thinking to invest in Ethereum we will advise you to invest for a long term.

If you are looking for a short term investment in Ethereum chances are you won’t be much profit but if you hold your investment for a few years, you will get huge profits on your investment.

Ethereum is currently second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and is an excellent investment option right now, and for good enough return in the future make sure you invest a decent amount of money while it is still a lot cheap compared to Bitcoin.

Where can you use it?

When you buy any amount of Ether it will be stored in a wallet which will be provided to you by ETHEXIndia only, Ether can be used for various purposes such as.

  • Trading – Buying and selling
  • Purchasing goods over the internet

Ethereum has a great potential, and in coming times you will see the use of Ether in a lot of places, Japan has already accepted Bitcoin has a legal currency which can be used to buy any goods offline as well and soon Ethereum will also be accepted at a lot more places as well.

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum – Future Prospects

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum

The main crypto-currencies are at all time high right now, and if we are to predict the future of these currencies, we can say that if you are looking for a long-term investment, then these currencies can make you rich.

The Bitcoin is at its all time high right now, and you need a lot of capital to buy a considerable amount of Bitcoin to invest in whereas the Ethereum is still relatively cheap and has shown tremendous growth in the past few years.

But before investing you need first to understand that the price of these currencies fluctuate a lot, so before investing in them make sure to do a lo of research before hand and also calculate the risks involved.

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