(Exclusive) SONY to launch Xperia Ear Duo at IFA Berlin files a trademark

Sony well-known for its Camera Lenses and Audio products is on a roll this year, with new Smartphones and accessory launches. One such accessory, we have spotted from Sony are the upgraded version of its “Ear.” The new pair is trademarked as XPERIA EAR DUO.” And accordingly, it will launch at IFA Berlin 2017.

Xperia Ear duo
Image Courtesy: Engadget

Sony earlier commented that�”it has expanded its definition of the “Xperia” brand, so it will now include all sorts of communications devices, not just smartphones, and tablets that have a screen.” So,now the newly filed trademark hints us that; Sony is now moving ahead with its new vision planned for the Xperia Brand. It might be an advance version of Xperia Ear

Sony  xperia Ear
Image courtesy: Sony

A flashback if you don’t the Ear is a tiny smart Bluetooth ear bud. Which promises to send and receive messages as well as notifications. It also checks your schedule, search, navigates to your destination and much more without picking up your phone. So, it’s just like the Motorola Moto hint, which now already has dual ear-buds.

Your Xperia Ear is easy to talk to � it listens and reacts, just like in a normal conversation. Ask it to perform a task or give you some information and it will deliver what you need, straight into your ear.

Moreover, with the new trademark for the Xperia Ear Duo, we could see a new pair of Bluetooth ear buds from Sony soon. The specs of the smart accessory are yet unknown, but couldn’t differ much from the earlier variant. An enhanced battery life can be expected from the former 300mAh; now we have two buds to handle the job.

Let’s see how the new Xperia Ear Duo stacks up with its competition. Such as the Motorola Moto hint,�Jabra Elite Sport,�Samsung Gear IconX and the�Bragi Dash.

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