Snapchat extends limits for recording videos, you can now Snap up to 6 videos

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platform among teens these days, and the company is trying to expand its audience�by introducing new ways to gain more users and keep them within the Snapchat’s eco-system.Now the company has brought a new way to do so by letting you record snap videos for more duration. Sharing recordings is a big part of the�Snapchat, and the company wants to enhance that aspect.

Snapchat now allows you to record videos up to�60 seconds, 50 seconds up from the 10 seconds limit earlier. When you tap and hold the record button, you can see that videos can be records past 10 seconds and you can get up to six 10 seconds videos. Yes, you won’t get one 60 seconds video, but in parts, each one being 10 seconds in length.

Snapchat 60 seconds video feature
Image shows new 60 seconds video clips being captured one by one, Image Courtesy: androidpolice .com

Apart from this, you can delete any of them in between, creating a suspense on what happened between two different clips and you can also continue to add filters, paint over them and write any text you want. Moreover, share them with individual contacts or post them as stories.

This new update will thus appeal a lot of people who like to take videos on the go; we could also see its competitor increasing the video duration, for instance, a similar thing could end up on Facebook’s WhatsApp and Instagram.

To download the latest version of Snapchat, you can get it from the Google Play store or just download the Snapchat APK from the link given below.

Download Snapchat APK

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