Apple iOS 11: Why you shouldn’t update your iPhone or iPad yet

Apple�s latest iteration of�iOS�11 got released on 19th September, for some the wait for a fresh new OS from Apple is finally over, but some people would like to stay away from it. Why? Let�s find out.�


Apple is completely removing support for 32-bit apps in�iOS�11, which means that these apps will no longer be able to work on�iOS�11 unless the developer releases a�64bit�variant of the app. On the one hand it can be considered as a good move as it will force developers to update their apps and will remove old apps from the App Store, but on the other hand, you will have to find alternatives if the developer is abandoning his app.

Therefore if any of your favorite apps are not 64 bit, you should wait for the developer to release an updated variant or stay on�iOS�10.


iOS 11 cydia
Image of Cydia and iOS 11
Image courtesy : redmondpie .com

The Smartphone tinkers would especially be at a loss with the�iOS�11 as the new OS has not been cracked yet. Updating from�iOS�10 to�iOS�11 would remove all system�modifications. Moreover, without any method to jailbreak�iOS�11 available yet, you should better wait�for it on iOS�10 only.

Jailbreaking allows you to bypass many of the restrictions imposed by Apple. You can download and install apps from anywhere, just like Android. Moreover, Jailbreak allows you to modify various aspects of the UI, satisfying your thirst for customisation. Moving to iOS 11 would snatch all those pros of Jailbreaking.

You will not be able to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth completely from the control center

iOS 11 control centre
Image showing the Control center in latest iOS 11
Image Courtesy : CNET .com

In�iOS�11, toggling the buttons in the control center will not turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi module. Instead, it just disconnects you from the�currently�connected network. This�change has been done keeping the Apple watch in mind.

Turning your Bluetooth radio off will disconnect your Apple watch from the iPhone, and also some features like AirDrop will cease to work.
To put it out completely you need to spend few seconds and dig into the settings, which majority of people will not be doing, thus taking a toll on battery life.

Removal of multitasking gestures

One of the easiest ways to switch apps utilizing 3D touch is getting removed from�iOS�11 update. The feature allowed you to press on the left edge of the screen and drag across to switch from current app to previous one.

With its removal, you will have to double tap the home button and choose between the app cards. Apple claims the move as intentional; who knows; they may�have something better up their sleeves. Some people think of it as a loss of convenience, as for the same task you need to put extra effort.

In a nutshell, if you are not a hardcore power user you should upgrade to�iOS�11, but if you are worried�about any of the above points, you should give upgrading a second chance.

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