Samsung’s Latest Bixby Update finally allows users to disable it

Samsung’s Google assistant rival Bixby did not receive the love that Samsung�had thought�it would. Moreover, now due to its lack of success, the South-Korean giant has finally decided to allow its users to disable�it, with this new update now the company is rolling out.

The latest update for Bixby adds a toggle�switch, which conveys whether you want it enabled or disabled; when the dedicated Bixby button is pressed. Either you enable it or do nothing! Yes, you still can’t map it to do anything else other than its original function, which is such a shame. You will be able to see the Bixby toggle, once the new update gets installed.

Bixby Key

However, the Bixby home which it shows when you press the Bixby button is going nowhere and should continue to exist at its usual place which you can access�by swiping to the left of the home screen.

Moreover, this will now end those accidental Bixby triggers, that was causing, and many users were not quite happy about such experience. However, what would have been a deal is having the ability to map the Bixby Key; to anything, they want to. This would have been a nice functional touch, for the Galaxy S8/S8+ owners. However, now looks like its still left to be desired for a future update, fingers crossed.

Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8

The update is over-the-air, and as per reported it is not yet out for all users, so be patient and keep checking for them on a daily basis. It may�take some more time to reach and every corner of the globe.



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