Samsung 2018 Lineup Leaked, Galaxy J4, J6 and Galaxy J8 are on the way

A few months back the Oreo Beta build for the Galaxy Note 8 was leaked along with which code names of the Samsung�s upcoming Galaxy devices also got revealed, that list tells us about some smartphones, but most of the sources failed to recognize them as they are in the form of distinct codes.

Recently the names of some devices got leaked, and they are based on the XDA analysis due to which we can accept it, so without wasting any time let�s jump to the key information.

Galaxy J5 2018This list suggested by XDA gives us brief information about the upcoming devices from Samsung, the two handsets codenamed as �star� and �star2� are already live as Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. According to us the next upcoming devices from their house will be the Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6, and the Galaxy J8, the J4 will sit between the J3 and J5, the Galaxy J6 will sit between the J5 and J7 while the Galaxy J8 is expected to be a premium device, for more detailed cause-effect information you can check the XDA analysis.

List of the unreleased Samsung device:

  • astarqlte – Samsung Galaxy S9 Active
  • c10lte – Samsung Galaxy C10
  • c10plte – Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
  • Crown – Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • degasy18wifi – Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 2018 refresh
  • grandppirislte – Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus refresh
  • gtaxlad
  • gta2xl – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2018
  • gtesy18lte – Samsung Galaxy Tab E 2018
  • gts4llte – Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • j2y18lte – Samsung Galaxy J2 2018
  • j3neolte – Samsung Galaxy J3 Neo
  • j3topelte
  • j4lte – Samsung Galaxy J4
  • j6lte – Samsung Galaxy J6
  • j7topelte
  • j7toplte
  • j8lte – Samsung Galaxy J8
  • jackpotqlte – Samsung Galaxy A8 2018
  • jackpot2qlte – Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018
  • lugelte
  • star – Samsung Galaxy S9
  • star2 – Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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