How to Restore OnePlus 5T to Stock OxygenOS from Android 8.1 Oreo

OnePlus,�known for launching flagship killer smartphones for years presented their OnePlus 5 smartphone last year which has caused a serious impact on the sales of iPhones and Galaxies. For 2018 the company has recently launched their OnePlus 5T smartphone which has been doing well when it comes to sales.

The design and structure of the device are influenced by the previous generation OnePlus 5 but still, it manages to look premium in a crowd of other phones. The biggest fact for which OnePlus came into headlines is their pricing strategy; they earn a little profit on each unit of the device but on the other hand, it is a big benefit for a consumer.

OnePlus devices come equipped with top of the line hardware and software, but still, they cost half of the price of iPhones. The latest OnePlus 5T comes with a Bezel-less display which has been first time used in a OnePlus powered device; the Display is an AMOLED one which shows those contrast-rich blacks and saturated colors.

The device houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835(64 bit) Octa-Core processor under the hood coupled with optional 6GB/8GB of RAM. The second big advantage of using a OnePlus device is that the brand provides timely updates and the unofficial development is also at its peak for the devices.

Image of the OnePlus 5T.
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For the sake of experiencing the latest Android features many users root their devices and flash a third party ROM in it which in the long run causes problems for some users as no official updates rollout after rooting the device and some features of the devices don�t work too. After experiencing all this, they try to revert back to the official ROM but then they came to know about a number of procedures which are not a cup of tea and can be difficult for a general user. In today�s article, we will be sharing a way by which if you are running a third party Android Oreo ROM then you can safely go back to the stock OxygenOS ROM.


  • ) First of all, you should have ADB drivers and Fastboot preinstalled on your PC otherwise you will not be able to follow the further steps.
  • ) As mentioned above your OnePlus 5T should be running a custom ROM based on Android 8.1 Oreo as this method only works with Oreo 8.1 based ROMs.
  • ) If you are into rooting for a while then you may be knowing that the most important step is to take a complete backup of your personal important files as in this process the data will get erased, which later cannot be recovered.
  • ) OnePlus 5T runs Android 7.1 Nougat currently but the Android Oreo Beta is already available as a user has the option of two OxygenOS versions.
  • ) For download one has to take care of the ROM he wants to revert to as different files are available for different ROM.


How to go back to Stock OxygenOS ROM from a custom ROM based on Android 8.1 Oreo?

  • ) Firstly take a complete backup as in this process all data of your phone will get erased.
  • ) Now install the Stock Recovery from the above links based on your requirements, your device should have TWRP recovery pre-installed.
  • ) Open ADB and Fastboot, connect your smartphone to PC or Laptop through a USB cable.
  • ) Now open Command prompt of ADB and move the downloaded recovery file to the ADB folder, type the below-mentioned command to flash stock recovery:

fastboot flash recovery stock_recovery.img

  • ) Now switch off your handset and boot into recovery mode by pressing vol down+power button combination.
  • ) In recovery mode click on the Wipe data and Cache, after its completion select Reset system settings and delete everything.
  • ) Now from the stock recovery directly boot to the TWRP by downloading our given file, after opening gives the below-mentioned command to the command prompt:

fastboot boot twrp-recovery.img

  • ) Now in TWRP, transfer the downloaded ROM into OnePlus 5T�s internal storage, as it completes select the same file and flash it after completion reboot the device and enjoy, though the first reboot might take a little time, there is nothing to bother.

These are the steps involved and after following them, you can easily flash stock ROM in the OnePlus 5T.

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