How to get Stereo Speakers mod on OnePlus 6

OnePlus has been going great this year with their OnePlus 6 which has already become one of the most popular budget flagships on the market, and the device also has huge developer support. And it’s not even been a whole lot of time, and we already see tons of new development for the handset. The latest enhancements for the OnePlus 6 comes in the form of Audio improvements, which gives the devices the ability to produce stereo sound, which is good news for audio lovers or if you happen to watch a lot of Videos on your handset without headphones this is for you.

Nowadays, most major Tier 1 flagships offer stereo sound on their phones, but to keep costs down, OnePlus decided not to include that. But as this is Android, there’s always a way around.

So, how this stereo sound ability for OnePlus 6 works is the main question here, as the device doesn’t have the suitable hardware for the same. But as you know the developers at XDA always come up with new ways to do things and using the front ear-piece of the OnePlus 6 is the answers for the Stereo Effect sound.


Now there’s this thing you need to know that the front ear-piece is not constructed for this purpose and there’s some risk when you make changes with this mod. However, the default volume settings that the mod changes of your ear-piece are within safe levels and should not cause any major harm, but still, you’re responsible if something goes wrong with your handset, so keep the risk in mind, before you proceed.

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Both the bottom and the front ear-piece which you use to take calls come together to give you that stereo effect. However, do not expect any mind-blowing results, as the front ear-piece is not designed for such tasks in the first place.


  • Your OnePlus 6 should be rooted
  • Should have Magisk Manager and should be familiarity with it
  • And also should be running on OxygenOS
  • The battery should be more than 40%

This isn’t an installation of the big file, so it won’t take much time, to install and reboot.

Download the Stereo Speaker Mod for OnePlus 6

How to enable Stereo Speaker Mod for the OnePlus 6

Image Courtesy: droidviews. com

Step 1:�� As mentioned earlier above in the requirements, you need to have magisk manager installed on your handset, now Open the Magsik app and go to the Modules section within it

Step 2:�Now at the bottom part of the app you will find a Plus “+” button, Tap on it to add a new module

Step 3:�Now browse the folder where you have downloaded the Stereo Mod file from the link given above

Step 4:�Once, found Select the file and Tap on Install option, this will begin the installation process, and the file will make all the necessary changes under the hood

Step 5:Give your OnePlus 6 a reboot for the new changes to take effect, and now you have the mod up and running.

This is how you get the stereo speaker mod on your OnePlus 6, just a small piece of the file needs to be flashed, and you’re done.

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