Microsoft OneDrive 5.1 update brings a new UI and features (APK Download)

Recently Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the OneDrive application. In case you don�t know OneDrive is a file hosting(File storing) drive by Microsoft, similar to that of the Google drive.

It can be accessed through desktops as well as through applications of various platforms, and this article is all about the latest update that has been released for Onedrive which brings some changes to the app, let�s check out those changes in detail.

OneDrive app
Image of the OneDrive app.
Image courtesy: TechRepublic .com

The app has received some variations, but one biggest noticeable change is that now a new UI is available, this new UI offers an improved design which is more friendly to users. With the refined UI, the new users can easily adapt with it; one can store different types of files in the storage, Microsoft offers 5GB of storage per user which can be increased if a user takes the�subscription, one can get access to all Excel, Word and Onenote apps with it.

If you are new to the app then obviously you won�t notice any significant difference, but a lot of things has been changed, now one can access the recent work, websites easily through the navigation bar.

A new Me view section is available using which a user can access the notifications, offline content and more. In case you are struggling to find the new app then the version of the new app is 5.1 and can be easily downloaded from Play Store. So the conclusion is that if you are an existing user, then you will now feel refreshed and will praise it.

Download Onedrive 5.1 On Google Play Store.

Download�Onedrive 5.1 APK From APK Mirror.

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