Make your Android look like an iPhone X (Step by Step guide)

Ever wanted to turn your normal Android into an iPhone X style look? Obviously Android Purist would never do that and so would i, but still many desire the iPhone it has become a status symbol in some countries a Icon of setting yourself apart from the normal. So, in this post we’ll go through over how to convert your phone’s look like an iPhone 10.

Let’s get started, here’re some things that you need to download before we proceeded any further:

The Launcher:  Nova Launcher (Prime)

Nova Launcher
The image is showing Nova Launcher listing on Playstore.
Image courtesy: androidpit .com

The most versatile launcher created in Android’s history, it has now more then 50 million downloads. And for this setup you’ll need its Prime version, it’s worth every penny, grab it quick. Here’s the download link for Nova Launcher.

Download Nova Launcher 

Curved Edges with ROUNDR

Roundr app
Image Courtesy: .com

Next up is Roundr to get those curvey edges, all 18:9 bezel-less screens have those curved edges in all four corners. This app will help to complete the look of the screen. Download it from the link given below.

Download Roundr – Round Screen Corners

iOS Style Icons

iOS 11
Image shows logo of iOS 11 Image Courtesy: gsmarena .com

To match the look, you also need to get the iOS style icons installed with your Nova Launcher. There’s various icons pack for iOS; you can download whatever you prefer, here’s one you can check out, just make sure its compatible with Nova Launcher.

Download TrueiOS icon pack for Nova

Emulating the Top Notch

iPhone X app store top charts
Image Courtesy: iDownloadBlog. com

Now comes the main attraction, which gives iPhone 10 its unique, weird look, it’s the Top Notch, which has a variety of sensors. But here we’re just emulating the front notch. It will be a total win for AMOLED users as it will blend well with a black front face of a phone.

Download the Top notch App

iPhone X Wallpapers

Apart from this You also need iPhone X wallpapers, So you can find them here or just get one from the internet, there’s plenty available.

Now let’s begin with the setup to transform your Android’s screen look to that of iPhone 10:

Pixel Launcher
Google Pixel launcher running on Moto G5 Plus.
Image courtesy: theleaker .com

Nova launcher Desktop settings:

  • Go to Nova launcher’s settings > desktop grid and set it to 6 by 4
  • Next, under that grid, you’ll find icon layout tap on it and increase the icons size to 150%
  • Disable the shadow for the labels
  • And enable Single-Line
  • After that make sure you don’t have any padding for width and height(select none)
  • Disable Persistent Search bar that will get rid of the Google search bar
  • Go to wallpaper scrolling and disable it(Turn OFF)
  • Now, go to page indicators and select the dot indicators with white colors
  • Also, scroll down to the same desktop settings and Enable Add icon to Home Screen

Nova Launcher App & Widgets Settings:

  • Inside this setting, just increase the icon size to 150%
  • Next, scroll down in apps & widgets, and Disable Swipe indicator arrow

Nova Launcher Dock Settings:

  • Enable the Dock if its disable
  • Go into Dock background, select white color and adjust its transparency to 65%
  • And select shape as Rectangle
  • Select Dock icons up to 5 only

Nova Launcher Folders:

  • Select Folder Preview as Grid and background as Square
  • Now select Transition animation as Circle
  • And background transparency around 50% to 60%

Nova Launcher Look and Feel (Icons):

  • Just go to Look and Feel in Nova settings and select the iOS
  • In there, select the icon pack you just installed, which here we suggested TrueiOS

Now setting up the Notch:

  • Install the X Notch or any other Notch app
  • Allow all overlay permission for it
  • Start it, and you’ll get the front notch, now to adjust it go into advanced settings and set the X and Y DPI for the notch to under 400 to make your Battery and time visible.
iPhone X style on Android
Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

You’re all set now just set the iPhone X wallpapers, and you’re done, you just made your Android Phone to mimic the iPhone X without spending $1000. So, do post your results.

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