List of Blackberry devices getting the Android Oreo update

Blackberry is one of the late adopters of the Android platform, as the company had its OS which was much more secure but not quite feature rich as Android does. However, from last three years, the company has adopted Google’s Android OS, which makes the company entirely new in this space, now talking about updates, the company is not that terrible when it came to security updates, but it does struggle when it comes to firmware OS updates.

And we have seen that as the Canadian-giant is still mum on Android Oreo update for its devices, be it the latest KeyOne which was well received by its fans, or its former flagship the Priv has not seen anything from the brand about the update yet. However, these 2017 devices will surely get the Android Oreo update no doubt about it but still, it would a good gesture if the company confirms for the users.

Moreover, the devices that are eligible for Android Oreo are the ones launched after 2016, and they’re as follows:

blackberry keyone
Image shows Blackberry Keyone smartphone Image Courtesy:
  • Blackberry KeyOne
  • Blackberry KeyOne mercury black special edition
  • Blackberry Aurora

These three devices had a chance to receive the update and the Aurora which is a reasonably mid-range device but launched in 2017 in March has an excellent opportunity to be blessed by the Android 8.0 Oreo. Apart from that, the tech giant has a small list of devices in its portfolio so; it doesn’t seem that difficult to bring updates to devices like the Priv maybe? The device was launched on Lolipop and saw the marshmallow update, but the company did provide it with regular security patches. So, it probably won’t get Oreo same case with the DTEK 50 and DTEK 60.

This device sadly, won’t received the latest flavor of Android 8.0:

Blackberry Priv
Image shows a Blackberry Android smartphone Image Courtesy: blackberry .com
  • Blackberry Priv
  • Blackberry DTEK 50
  • Blackberry DTEK 60

Lastly, even if the updates are confirmed and if we are talking about the release date, it just won’t show up until the first quarter of 2018 and will roll worldwide till the second quarter of 2018. So, it’s a long way to go. If Blackberry wants to release the update starting by the end of this year, then it’s warmly welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. BlackBerry’s Android version is highly customized on the back-end. It uses an alternate Android kernel that enables it to be secure. That’s why it takes a long time for their devices to actually get a version update. They still do get the security patches though, which are more important. If I had to pick between getting every version update and getting every security patch, I’d pick the latter. To hell with the version updates. What difference does that make when the device is vulnerable to the various flaws that Android happens to have every couple of months?


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