How to install firmware/stock ROM on Galaxy C9 and C9 Pro (Download)

When you need to flash your stock�ROM back or the bootloader, any other firmware or in case�you’re stuck in a boot loop�and the nastiest thing could happen is that you have bricked your device then you’re at the right place. You need to install the stock ROM on your Galaxy C9, all you have to do is follow just use this step-by-step guide to flash it on your Phone quickly.

Yes, you need a PC for this, and also while downloading the ROM make sure you know what’s your phone’s model number and download the file according to that model only. And do remember to backup everything from your phone, as everything here will be formatted.

To download the firmware for your device just head over to Sammobile and select the firmware section and just search for your device’s model number and download it from there, according to your country and Model number. The model number of your Galaxy C9 can be found at Settings >About Phone and check in the model number section.

We’ll use Odin for this task which is a freeware and very versatile tool and is one of the favorite flashing tools among the�Samsung users community. However, the software(Odin) doesn’t have the official status by Samsung for doing what it does, but this won’t void your warranty.

Download Odin for PC

How to install stock firmware or any other firmware on your Samsung Galaxy C9�

  1. Download Odin, from the above-given link
  2. Next, you have to boot your device into download mode, to do that just hold, power button, volume down key and home-button together till you see a warning message on your screen
  3. Next, open Odin software which you downloaded
  4. After that connect your Galaxy C9 in that download mode running, to your PC
  5. When you connect to you should see two things in Odin, and they’re as follows:?-> Added! This means that your device is added.
    The number shown in the picture is related to that particular device, yours will vary according to your device, Image Courtesy: theleaker .com

    ?-> And where it says’s ID-COM in Odin it should now light up in blue with a COM number inside it.

  6. After that, as we are flashing an individual stock android ROM we have to use the AP button which was earlier named as�PDA, now its changed.[If you have other files, then load it according to the beginning�letters of the file of the button, suppose if want to load the BL(bootloader) file then click on BL tab and select the file which has the BL characters at the beginning of the file’s name.]
  7. Click on AP and navigate to the folder where you have your downloaded Stock firmware, and select it

    Image Courtesy: forum.xda-developers. com
  8. It might take some time to load, after that, you had to go in the options section/tab and unchecked the Re-partition option,�don’t touch�anything else, if its already unchecked well and good, move to the next step.

    Image shows Odin displaying pass message, after installation process is successful, Image Courtesy: theleaker .com
  9. After everything mentioned above is done, all you have to do is hit the Start button, to begin flashing process, when it’s completed, you’ll see a green area saying Pass, confirming�installation process was successful.

If it shows fail, you have to perform the process again and carefully follow everything step by step to get that pass the message. Once done, reboot your device, if it doesn’t restart automatically. Feel free to ask about the process in the comment section below, if you get stuck at any stage.

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