Instagram: Now you can Directly Share the Instagram Stories (APK Download)

New update of the Instagram is just rolled out and offers some cool new features along with some new UI makeover. Instagram is a popular social platform these days in which one can communicate by sharing his/her images, sending messages, etc.

Instagram also has some cool features like live streaming, sharing stories, etc. Let�s check out that what this new update brings to the traditional Instagram UI and features. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Instagram Direct Story share feature
The image is showing the new story share feature of Instagram.
Image courtesy: theleaker .com

We all know that one can easily send and receive messages in Instagram, we can also share any of the posts with our friends and now in this update a slight UI change is there which feels acceptable.

The great feature which is exclusive to the latest Instagram version is that one can now easily share stories of a person and of the persons to whom you are even not following. Earlier it was not possible, and people were used to sending the screenshots of the stories, but now one can easily share it.

Now some of you might be wondering that as the story expires the message will remain in the inbox or not, let me tell you that as the story disappears, the message will also disappear. Now for some, this story sharing feature may be a problem as it directly affects the privacy of a person but you can anytime go to the story settings and can turn off this feature. Some fresh features include new filters and much more.


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