Huawei is Reportedly testing Aurora OS as its Android Replacement

Huawei has become a center of attraction of all the media around the globe since last few weeks. After the U.S. Ban and adding Huawei to the Entity List, many companies have had to cancel their business relationships with the Chinese tech giant Huawei. Means Huawei can�t use Intel/Nvidia chips or can�t get Windows OS for their MateBooks, can�t purchase equipment from Qualcomm, their ties are blown with ARM but the most noticeable blow is the loss of Android License, meaning that future Huawei phones can�t use Android with its play services. As we all know, Huawei is working on their own OS named Hongmeng or ARK OS (globally), and when everybody was ready to expect the OS to come in this fall, a new leak has come around us.

Huawei Reportedly now is working on a new already existing operating system called aurora OS which is based on a Russian made Open Source operating system Sailfish OS developed by a company called Jolla. Selfish OS, when initially announced, created a lot of hype, but it eventually became the least concerned operating system platform. The Sailfish OS wasn’t even close to the battle of Android Vs. iOS, but it had great security and privacy system.

According to the reports of the Russian Publication The Bell, Huawei is looking into the sailfish OS particularly the Aurora OS and is already testing Aurora OS on a few of its devices. As per the reports, Huawei�s CEO Guo Ping discussed about using the Aurora OS on their devices with Russia�s Minister of digital development, communications, and mass media Konstantin Noskov. This could be a truth as Huawei has secured its 5G deal with Russia already.

Although there are no official statements yet and like everybody else, we are waiting too for any of the two parties to follow up and give an official statement.

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