HTC U11 RUU list brings all firmwares, OTA files at one place to download

A senior XDA member who goes by the name 5m4r7ph0n36uru�has released a huge collection of RUU (Recovery Utility�Updates) files for the flagship device HTC U11. It contains all the firmware, recovery files and OTA updates for all the variants of HTC U11 available around the world whether it be an unlocked variant or a carrier variant, everything is present here, and HTC in the future will add more.

Now to flash this on your device here’s a step by step guide to perform all the necessary operations to flash the firmware successfully. First of all, before downloading anything install the HTC USB windows�drivers and after that you need to know the model number of your device and only download the file which suits your variant of the phone also, do check the region also and download the file according to your region only.

Essential Download links for adb tools, HTC U11 RUU list and USB drivers

How to install firmware on HTC U11

  1. First, you need to download�the files according to your HTC U11 model number/region and place them in a folder where you have installed ADB fast boot tools.
  2. Now, Enable USB debugging on your HTC U11 and connect it to a PC
  3. Next, Open the command prompt window in the ADB folder itself by pressing Shift+ Right Click combination.
  4. After the adb command window is opened in the adb folder type this command to boot your device into download mode:
    � �adb reboot download
  5. Now the device is in download mode, so this is the�time when we transfer the file to it, so you need to have the name of the file which you’ll transfer. After you have the exact name, type this command and along with the exact name of the file which you’re willing to flash.
    � ��fastboot flash zip
  6. Once, you’re ready to execute it by hitting enter, and the flashing process will start, it might take a file, depending on the files size.
  7. When it’s done, you’ll see a process 100% complete message.

And the new flashed firmware will be running on your HTC u11.

However, if you don’t have PC near you, here’s another method you can use which should also give you similar flashing ability.

Installing firmware/OTA file via SD-Card

  1. To begin with, make sure you have enough battery capacity before you start the process, at least 60% or more is needed.
  2. Also, transfer the files, or you have already downloaded them, place it in the root of your SD card; if the files are in your internal storage. (Root of the SD_Card simply means, do not place it any folder just throw it directly in it).
  3. Next, rename your downloaded file to this name–>, this helps the system to detect the file immediately. And this file should be present at the root of your SD-Card.
  4. Now, boot into your Download mode by simultaneously�holding the�Volume Down key and the Power button key.
  5. The Download mode will automatically try to detect the file mentioned earlier and will ask you whether to flash it or not to flash.
  6. To confirm the flash option, just press the Volume Up Key once, and the flashing process will begin advent.
  7. When the process completes, it will display a message saying, ending the UI Update.

And that’s it; you have successfully installed the zip file on your HTC U11 if you have any query’s drop them down below in the comments section and we shall follow up to help you.

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