How to Use Odin for MAC OSX: Download and Install JOdin3 (2021)

If you want to get back to the stock ROM on your Samsung Galaxy device or want to flash recoveries, modem files, and OTA updates, you need a piece of software that performs all this and in one place only. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can do so using software called Odin. Moreover, this is the guide specifically for those who want to use Odin on MAC OS.

This software was earlier only available for Windows, however now, due to the Courtesy of a talented developer from XDA Adam Outler, who has managed to port Odin from Windows to Mac OS, and a new version of Odin was born, which is named as JOdin 3. And in this post, we’ll learn how to Install and Use JOdin 3 on MAC OSX.

Odin is the best option tool for this task, and it is also a freeware and substantially versatile tool. It is one of the most popular flashing tools for the Samsung community, whether it be the high-end Galaxy Note 20 or for its entry-level devices such as the J7 or On7 Odin(JOdin 3) is the way to go.

In simple words, Odin is a one-stop destination for Samsung users who want to flash the firmware, unlock bootloaders, unroot, and much more on their device.

However, this software(JOdin 3) is not officially recognized as Samsung’s Official flashing tool, but it is so good at this job; you should always consider it as your first go-to option for flashing a stock ROM on your Samsung Galaxy. Even though not being an official tool, you won’t void your warranty by using this.

Features of Odin

  • To Flash your Stock ROM
  • Can Flash a Custom kernel
  • Can Flash Custom Recovery such as the TWRP recovery
  • To Flash a ROOT package
  • Supports .tar�or�.tar.md5 files
  • Offline and Web browser-based Online

Before Downloading & Installing JOdin 3, Here are some Requirements

  • You need to install Java on your MAC OSX, Download.
  • Next, you need to install Heimdall, Download Or from BitBucket (Recommended)
  • Now, you need to get rid of Samsung Kies installed on your MacBook

Download and Install JOdin3 on your Apple’s MAC OS

How to use Odin(JOdin3) on your MAC

JOdin 3 mac
Image Courtesy: XDA-forums
  1. Once you are done installing JOdin3 on your MAC and got the .tar files you want to flash, you’re ready to proceed.
  2. Connect your Samsung device to your MacBook and enable the USB debugging option by going in to Settings > Developer Options and enable the USB debugging option
  3. Now, open JOdin3 or access it online via your web browser.
  4. After that, you should see connected on a green background, indicating everything is ready, and we can move further.
  5. Next, click on the PDA option within the software.
  6. It will open up a window where you have to navigate your file(.tar.md5) that you wish to Flash.
  7. Moving further, now you should boot your Samsung Galaxy phone into Download Mode. To boot into this Download Mode: You have to hold your Power Key + Volume Down + Home button all three simultaneously; you also need to Check only the Auto-Reboot option only, while other options should be unchecked; if they’re not, go ahead and do so
  8. Now, Click on the Start button.
  9. Next, it will ask you for a PIT file, with a message displayed showing a Yes. Click on it.
  10. After that, it will again display the next message with an OK button. Again Click on it.
  11. The most crucial step is utterly crucial; you have to hold the Download Mode button combo again mentioned in Step 7. This will again put your device in Download Mode, and this will trigger the software(JOdin3) to get a PIT file for you.
  12. Once it fetches the PIT file for you, JOdin3 will display a message saying PIT file found, now hit OK.
  13. Next, click on the Start button, and it will start performing its Job.
  14. Once it’s done, you will see a PASS message. If a failure message is displayed, check again if you have missed any step.

Note:�If you face issues like “The latest Heimdall Version (1.x) can�t be installed on current macOS versions (10.xx.x), then try to check the latest version here on the Bitbucket Heimdall download page whether you have the latest version or not.

If you face any problems while installing Odin for MAC aks Jodin or you are stuck at any of the steps, drop a comment down below.

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  1. Having issues getting odin to work. Heimdall dmg seems not to be mounted, not sure how to know if USB drivers are working are not, getting can’t obtain pit file. I’m on Mac OS X El Capitan. Please help.

  2. Hello

    I have a problem with an old Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet stuck on what I believe has been termed boot loop. It will not switch on beyond the initial Samsung screen. I can get it to go into Odin mode by pressing a combination of volume and power button. Will Jodin3 allow me to install the original Samsung firmware ? If there is another was by selecting a combination of buttons ( there is no home button) to factory reset, that would also work for me
    Thanks in advance

  3. Very rarely will you find a Mac owner that’s still running old OS on their Mac. Heimdall doesn’t work on Mac os High Sierra or on Mojave, which is our curse and blessing simultaneously. I can’t even find the flash for my Samsung s8 running Nougat 7.1.2.. Unfortunately furas have become unhelpful. Instructions are given as if we do these things every day. Most of us can’t even use cloud storage properly. I wish better instructions are given out for the sake of information and education if nothing else.

  4. Under the section titled “Download and Install JOdin3 on your Apple�s MAC OS”, you have a link named “JOdin3 Online” that points at “”. This site is no longer available.

    Response: “This domain is expired. For renewal instructions please click here.” Please update the link.


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