How to monitor your Android battery usage and stop the battery draining Apps

Smartphone since their beginning had small battery capacities and the battery life is one of the most critical concerns while buying a smartphone. However, if you already have a 4000mAh to 5000mAh power-packed smartphones, but the battery life is still average then there’s something in the background that’s undoubtedly draining your juice down, even if you’re not using anything.

So, monitor such apps and services here’re some useful battery monitoring apps that will keep a check on the battery drain and will try to find the real culprit. These apps at least require a day of battery usage details before they begin with their the investigation, so be patient with that. Now let’s gets started with these apps.

Better Battery Stats

BetterBatteryStats app
Image Courtesy: play. google .com

One of the best battery monitoring apps out there available right now and its worth every penny. It’s designed to keep an eye on every movement of battery draining apps and will alert you about the same. Everything about the battery�usage is given in-depth details and thus a go-to app for geeks.

This app is also capable of detecting apps who’s intentions are to go, rogue, thus causing a sudden change in the battery and software protocols usage.


Simple Battery Logger

Simple battery logger app
Image Courtesy: play. google .com

It is an easy to use and the purest form of battery logger you can find on the Google Play Store. This app doesn’t have any out of the box; special features, but it nails down the basics, and that’s what’s matters the most. It logs your Battery voltage, percentage and also its temperature.

Apart from that, there’s also a feature that lets you export all the log files in a CSV format for further analysis if you want to dig in more into the stats of everything it records.


Battery Stats pro

Battery stats pro
Image Courtesy: play. google .com

If you don’t want to open these battery monitoring apps and want everything on your home screen, then this is the app to go. It features two cleanly designed widgets, so you get all the needed information such as who used what and everything in between, straight to your home screen.

This quick glance widgets will thus save you from those extra rounds that you might every time have to look for the app and Open it now and then to see who’s gulping your juice and affecting your phones battery life.

Battery Stats Pro
Battery Stats Pro
Developer: PITTECH
Price: Free

These battery monitoring apps can help you detect the battery drain on your android smartphone. If you have any similar recommendations, please comment down below and spread the word.

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